Suspicion: Israeli basil deliberately poisoned in UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Here in Moscow sometimes I buy Israeli grown fruits, potatos and so on. Their quality is very high.
  2. That of course is before the KGB gets their hands on the stuff, though I tend not to buy goods produce in support of terrorism.
  3. Sounds like Tinfoil Hat time to me... :roll:
  4. I thought Israeli Basil was the name of some guy in Golders Green :D
  5. I understand there was a list recently for the most peaceful countires in the there one for the most paranoid?
  6. Sergey, do you have a job or do you just find random news articles all day long? This is a bit crazy.
  7. What are Sam and Ella doing in Israel?
  8. Oldies are the best, Craftsmanx. 8)
  9. He moved to Bow last Christmas.

    Still does a cracking line dirty books & dvds.
  10. Ssssh! This is Sergei's job... :wink:
  11. It is an interesting article and not only me think so.
  12. All part of the domination plan Sergei! Good timing as the world is fixes on the Bush/Putin face off.
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer're thinking of Shlomo Cilantro the well-known Tex-Mex restaurateur and gourmand from Finchley ...... those chopped liver burritos are to DIE for!

    Lee Shaver

    PS - Is it true Mark Urban had his Bar Mitvah at Cilantro's in 1986 ?
  14. Shalom Arik!

    Btw, I'm promoting Israeli made electronic devices (used in industrial automation) and recently have supervised their installation on electric (110 KV) substation in Siberia.

    This year I plan to visit Jerusalem. I hope that my Russian and poor English would be enough to communicate. Though I think that small Hebrew vocabulary would be usefull.
  15. Your russian and english will be more then enough. I just dated a Russian woman (yum yum)