Suspension of War Pension on imprisonment - Written Answers

On checking an old email address on an off-chance, I found that my account hadn't been suspended and found this:


Elfyn Llwyd (Dwyfor Meirionnydd, Plaid Cymru)
To ask the Secretary of State for Defence
(1) whether ex-servicemen's (a) war and (b) occupational pensions are suspended during any period of imprisonment in the UK;
(2) which organisations or Government departments are responsible for maintaining records of the suspension of ex-servicemen's (a) war and (b) occupational pensions;
(3) how many (a) war and (b) occupational pensions of ex-servicemen were suspended at the most recent date for which figures are available.

Liam Fox (Secretary of State, Defence; North Somerset, Conservative)
Under the Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) pensions are not normally stopped on imprisonment. A pension could be withheld at the point of leaving the armed forces if the individual was going direct to jail for at least 10 years for acts such as treason or breach of the Official Secrets Acts. Post service, it is possible, at the discretion of the Secretary of State, that a pension could be forfeited in very particular circumstances, however the position of dependants would also be considered.

Under the War Pension Scheme (WPS) pensions are normally withheld if the term of imprisonment is more than 12 months or detention in psychiatric facilities as a result of a criminal conviction. The pension is restored upon release and twelve months of basic pension arrears paid. Where hardship can be shown up to half pension can be paid to dependants. Guaranteed income payments made under the Armed Forces (AFCS) are not stopped during a term of imprisonment.

The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency is responsible for administration of the AFPS, the WPS and the AFCS and details of suspension are held against the individual's records. No AFPS pensions are known to be in suspension. The total number of WPS pensions in suspension is not held in a reportable format and the number could be provided only at disproportionate cost.
My bold.

I knew that their was an arbitrary disparity (thanks to New Labour) between compensation for those veterans injured before 2005 (receiving War Pension) and those injured after 2005 (receiving AFCS).

So on imprisonment War Pensioners pension is suspended, but AFCS recipients continue to receive their pension. This strikes me as a double standard - I have no problems as far as the AFCS recipients are concerned, however it seems that War Pensioners are being screwed again.

I realise that, as Dr Fox states, 12 months basic pension (whatever this means) is paid in arrears, but this means that a pensioner who serves, for example, 18 months in prison loses 6 months pension.
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