Suspension of Para Training until 2011

Did anyone see the front page story in today's "Sunday Telegraph"?

I saw it in a petrol station, so had no chance to follow the story across the inner pages.

Nevertheless, it appeared to suggest that cost cutting would force a moratorium on Para training until 2011. This would leave Britain without a significant airborne capability for the first time since Churchill ordered the foundation of the Parachute Regiment.

Not only that, but 2011-12 would be spent bringing everyone back up to speed.

I hope this is not true as it seems to be something that a bean counter might think was a good idea (viz. withdrawal of the RN Sea Harriers 5 years, at least, before the new carriers are ready, thus leaving the fleet with no air cover). It makes no military sense, but I've never heard of a Combat Accountant

If anyone can shine light on this, please let's have an explanation. Equally, if it's not as bad as it looked, let's hear it.


War Hero


War Hero
Typical bloody politicians.

This effing government, bliar in particular have kissed Bushes arse and got involved in these fights, the least they can do is increase the budgets properly to take this into account. If the paras are having to scrimp and save by canceling training that is specific to their role, then this hasn't been done.

Why bother calling them paras if they aren't training in . . er . . . parachuting? Tell you what, why not stop teaching Marines to swim, or better still, you could save an absolute fortune if you didn't train the pilots to fly aircraft. Even better than this, think of what you could save if all those tens of thousands of soldiers weren't given rifle drill; you'd save millions on bullets, weapons, wear and tear, not to mention all the man-hours.

They need to increase the budgets enough for a fighting army to do its job properly.

When the UK forces are fcuking around in low level fights, the money is tight, but the expenditure goes out the window for a big hot one.

Mind you, I suppose they are still calling this 'keeping the piece' and a Policing action.

Remember that effing tw@t who said he wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a shot fired in Afghanistan? W@nker!


im sure some onle legged albino heroin addicted,clap infested prostitute will be helped in some out reach scheme!

thank you labour

i may live in ireland but i hold a british passport so i care about our country and these left wing w@nkers have expected the armed forces to bail them out of nearly every debacle!

and they have let them down in every way.


****!!! He wasnt kidding when one of my PTI's dubbed his wings the 'blue bage of patience'! Looks like I joined at the wrong time!
I'm sure even Bliar hasnt got the round ones to get rid of the Para Regt, take their chutes away, maybe... I'd wait and see to be honest, i was speaking to a mucker about this last week (airborne) and he seems to think their just prying or its complete sh1t.

But as useual we'll find out when we find out...
Just a thought but if these training establishments close will Paras be able to do (if they have to) their annual qualifying jumps and if not does this mean they'll lose Para pay? If this is the case how many Paras do the plonkers at MOD think will stay in.?
Most Paras will stay in as we realise that parachuting isn't what makes us the best. Parachuting won't get binned anyway so i wouldn't worry, though large scale para exercises will be binned.
<<<parachuting isn't what makes us the best>>>

I'm not going to argue with that but it is a fact that no matter what cap badge you wear you KNOW that that is the best.


This is getting beyond and joke, but the thing that really grinds my gears is not our commee leader but the fact that the British public don’t give a flying fcuk. But would scream blue murder is someone cut off there housing benefit.

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