Suspension of Future VEng Boards!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by VEng_NC(No_Career), Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. I have seen the minutes of a recent Comd ES Conference and one of the points raised is that future VEng boards may be suspended. Can anybody shed any light on the subject or are we going to wait to be told in Jan that Febs boards are cancelled?
  2. No you will be told in Feb that Jan boards were cancelled.
  3. Man up and move on
  4. Amazed at that reply. You are one of the few posters on here who seems to care about the Corps and give sensible answers to questions. I am one of those affected if it is indeed cancelled but Im not going to bump my gums. However, man up and move on is a little bit harsh especially if you've not promoted because the promotion rules have changed to incorporate Veng only to find that not only will you not get it but you wont even get a chance!
    I never once thought I'd get offered Veng, we are top heavy so why keep me on for longer but Im sure I'm not the only one affected and if someone else feel agrieved then I think they have reason to.
    We are all small cogs passing through a big machine in my eyes so I often think that the Corps owes us no real favours. Those making decsions like this are also small cogs, perhaps they should realise that & give those below them the courtesy they deserve & actually pass this information on quickly and in the correct manner.
    If this is indeed true, I find it amazing that as an ASM of a Bn Armd Coy, I find out about it on the t'interweb.....
  5. Sparky,

    I stand corrected in my orthopaedic shoes. A too hasty post and your comment is utterly valid - I retract unreservedly my post above, I must be in a bad mood.

    ........Its just that a vocal minority do feel hard done by when often it can be proven that these individuals would not have promoted any quicker before or after the change and can be bitter in blaming 100% the rule change. The majority however have a fair point and your comments rightly highlight the crassness of my original post.

    All that said - its the post SDSR impact to blame here, Army wide so not necessarily fair to bash the Corps (much). The one problem the Corps/REME Sldr Wg may not help with is how such snippets re VEng Board cancellation (if true) are leaked out. The comms plan is often poor, leading to confusion, uncertainty and angst - as it was with the promotion rules change. Again, a point well made.

    Crawling back under my stone .....
  6. And another thing..

    Lots of young officers hoping to convert from their SSC commission to an IRC (gets them to 16 year point & pension) are sweating on the Conversion Board results whcih were due out last week and now will not come out until next month. Army downsizing is hitting many, including officers!
  7. I believe the party line in a situation such as this is that "The cream will always rise to the top, those left behind should have put in more effort".

    It's a nice little catch all to be applied when whipping the rug from under people.

    "Let's see what you could have won..."

    I heard a cheeky little rumour the other day that Glasgow are flapping because they've already granted too many people VEng and are looking into the legalities of taking it away again.
  8. I don't think you could once the soldier has accepted the offer to transfer. If they haven't yet accepted... maybe.

    You could possibly offer enticements to leave/revert but I don't think you fcuk about with contracts.
  9. That's a very negative attitude, you wouldn't fit in up at Glasgow.

    We require people with a can do attitude in the APC, let's just take VEng away and tell them we've changed the rules, if they don't like it they can sign off.

    If soldiers sign off they were obviously both disloyal to the corps and rubbish to boot. Remember, the cream always rises to the top!
  10. Youngsters got auto offers, 'Knackers' were then to be weeded out by having to apply for it, with PFT/CFT dates, then this. PAP may well be the way RSW get to recind the offers to the fatties at least.
    VEng was the cure all for a pre recession Army scraping to get numbers up, that no longer needs to be done of course.
    We then overload the SSgt band with these promotion rules, too many blokes for PIDs then 'promote' people to WO2 without boarding them!
    They were the cream that rose to the top. Needs of the Corps goes beyond new promotion rules when it suits.
    A level playing field is all people want. Sparky is right to be miffed at possibly not being offered the chance to board (if that is indeed how it works from here).

    We get fed this crap from people who have got on the Bedford and pulled the tail gate up behind them. They then giggle at the folk left on the tarmac who feel agrieved because its harder to get on now. Officers feeling some pain too may well change some attitudes. Harsh way to have to learn though.

    'Man up and move on' sounds a lot like the 'Dry your eyes' party line from RSW heard during the roll out of the promotion rules news.
    At least Okimato is man enough to own up to not meaning it.
    Good luck to everyone who needs it.
  11. Don't mind getting the same as fuggly for speaking my mind. The situation is a joke, and as far as mucking with contracts goes ask MCM about an idividual on the ECI team they tried that with, didn't work at all.I have to say the last 22 years have been a frikking nightmare as far as policy goes, I missed out on all that was good and got a bucket load of all that was pishhhhhhhh.
    What they going to do now and how they going to do it? I do not longer care, time to be a civvi.

  12. I would urge all members of our Corps posting here to resist the temptation to speculate what might or might not happen with VEng. Posting ill based rumours about an emotive subject such as this can only serve to lower the morale of our Corps, with no positive effects apart from my phone ringing constantly with people who have been frightened by the scaremongering.

    You will all be notified in good time as ever, by your chain of command if there are any changes to the current ToS you are serving under.
  13. I will call WAH on behalf of all the REEMs.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I have never seen a post so designed to upset, scare and unnerve serving Tradesmen. I can only assume that you are no more the real MCM Div than my cat, and I hope all reading that post will take it with a pinch of salt.

    That said, I'm afraid it's exactly the sort of thing that we'd expect -

    "don't believe anything that's said - but we're not telling you anything anyway"

    Oh, and by the way - the clue here is in the title - Army Rumour Service. It does exactly what it says on the tin.........​
  15. Thanks for the confirmation that this is a rumour site and may I add, a place where people will air views that otherwise may never be heard - especially by those in the ivory towers.