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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Sparkz, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. im in the TA and have been RTU'd because of a fause accusation made against me

    i have also been told that im not to go into the TAC untill the case is finalised, now to me this basicly means im suspended and under employment law i would have to be suspended with pay

    if i were a regular soldier this wouldnt be an issue as i would be paid no matter what but because im TA im getting screwed over for pay. and have been told i will not be getting paid

    as i was surposed to be paid on the job i was doing untill i was RTU'd and also told no to go into TA, do i have any legal grounds to make them pay me for the period on my ''suspention''
  2. Your not suspended though are you? You have been told you can't continue, which is different.
    What was this false accusation?
  3. criminal investigtion so i dont realy wanna go into it on here, as you know the walls have ears

    they have said im not allowed into TA on normal training evenings, even though the other person in question will not be there

    so that to me means im suspended
  4. Probably doesn't in a court of law, you are only casual labour after all.
  5. ive worked every day for over 2 years, including 2 op tours

    wouldnt count that as casual
  6. I would if you were classed as TA
  7. what is your issue???
  8. It's a damn sight more casual then a regular soldier sunshine, and at least you're not in knick while they investigate you, so dry your eyes princess and grow a pair because if the allegation is found to be false you can choose to go back and participate or not as you please!

    But being psychic, I fortell you future to hold the words 'March the guilty b@stard in Sarn't Major'! :roll:
  9. Sounds like you need the advice of a real Legal Expert and not the Arrse kind. Presumably if you are subject to a criminal accusation you have access to a solicitor. He/She will point you towards an employment law specialist who can advise you further.
  10. And personally, if this is a genuine case rather than a Wah or journo fishing - I would be more worried about the outcome of the case rather than TA pay.
  11. Always get a solicitor if there's any criminal proceedings. Or even the possibility of them...
  12. Then you should have an ADC contract and aren't "casual labour" in the same sense? But even then your contract can be cancelled with a simple written notice - RFA96 s25(4)b.

    If you are non-mobilised, non-ADC TA, then I think you are deep in it. Ditto if you have been released from mob or had your ADC cancelled. Otherwise, I agree with devex and looks like you need a proper employment lawyer and a MOD-knowledgeable defence solicitor too.
  13. First of all get yourself a solicitor who deals with the forces, out of interest what are you being done under? AGAI 67 or summary dealing?
    Also has your suspension been put in writing?
  14. When you say RTU'd what from? - are you on an FTRS contract at the moment? - if you have worked every day for 2 years you must be either on an FTRS contract or mobilised - you cannot work full time TA any other way - not even ADC! how many TA days have you got in this training year - budget cuts have hit everyone hard - if you went in what would you be doing? - as per previous posts if you are subject to a criminal investigation get some proper legal advice - have you been given an assisting officer?? - may be worth having a word with your adjutant to find out exactly where you stand before taking things any further
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