Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goatbagthedruid, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on who has been suspended and why??

    Also, if they are suspended, do they get to rejoin or does suspension mean suspension forever?
  2. It's up to the MODs.

    Trust me, I have been there.

    By the way, have I told you how nice your hair is.
  3. Wrong thread, slug brains!!! But thank you!
  4. look in the dictionary - there is a difference between "suspended" and "expelled"
  5. Hey - who has been suspended?
  6. Ah, you are right, but has anyone ever been expelled?? Is it possible for the Mods to remove the suspended ARRSErs from the threads completely!
  7. How awful do you have to be to be suspended? What is the criteria?
  8. Probably go against the Mods decision, call them abusive manes etc.

    Any MODs want to shed any light??
  9. Has that got something to do with lions? :D
  10. Typo. Oophs!!
  11. I'll have ago, goat. If the rules of the site are breeched then the member will usually get a private warning, if that user continues to breech the site rules, it's up to the CO's to ban or suspend. If that user is an obvious troll or tit then their time here will generally be short.

    PS. If someone disagrees with me or calls me names, I really can't get upset to the extend that I ask for their membership to be suspended or banned. I'm pretty sure that goes for the rest of the Mods too. The NAAFI is, however slightly different to the rest of the board in that we actively encourage a good ruck! :lol:
  12. Many thanks. Any idea of the numbers of suspended people??
  13. So speaks the voice of experience...........

    I didn't even call him a name!!!!!!! Less for Sexy (is this the right thread?)
  14. No idea, goat. Why do you ask? You got an essay to finish? :lol:
  15. Could we not just use a proxy server and skip past the IP ban?

    Try it and we'll shag your ear!.......MiB