Suspected Wikileaks Source Cuts a Rather Dashing Figure In the US Army ;-)

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Figures, cock smoker had a hissy fit.
  2. Jesus, born in Oklahoma and raised in Haverfordwest. One would have thought that by now he'd have learned to live with bleakness and depression with no sign of any way out.

    (Edit) Still, the next 10-20 years he'll be spending in Kansas should be fairly easy time for him.
  3. He'll learn how to make Nametapes and Assault Packs like the rest of the inmates
  4. sweepstake on him hanging himself before trial?
  5. No bet. He's on suicide watch.

    Then again, I'm not sure how long he's actually going to be in prison. The difference between this guy and, say, Ryan Anderson who got life with the possibility of parole (So, roughly 20 years) is that Anderson deliberately attempted to aid the enemy, whilst Manning, though seriously misguided, had a slightly more altruistic motive and wasn't intending that the enemy be the beneficiary of the information.

  6. I have a lot of time for whistleblowers, however, when they are aged 22, a pen pusher, and in reality lack a great deal of life experience, I am left questioning the whole system.

    How this guy, given his age had access to this level of information is beyond me!!!! Methinks someone, somewhere needs to review exactly who has access to information and to what levels! While they're at it, the whole recruitment process for 'intelligence' work needs an overhaul too....lets have more humanit analysis (nothing beats people on the ground), more analysis of the information as it stands, less pie in the sky whizbang technology, and most definately bring an end to 'policy driven' intelligence analysis, the latter being the major reason for the debarcle of the past 10 years plus.
  7. Surely it must have taken quite some time to accumulate all that info, so just how spontaneous was his decision to release it?
  8. This fuckstick should be killed as soon as possible. There is NO explanation for what he did. He is a traitor and should die for his actions.
  9. Nice Blonde chap like that with his extra-curricular activities should be quite popular in Prison me thinks.

    I would personally like him to be charged with Manslaughter every time one of our int assets gets topped by the Taliban because of his petulant "teddy out of the pram" hissy fit. I also think he should be put in General Population rather than segregated with the Kiddie Fiddlers. I suspect he won't last a week before being "shanked" - some Criminals are Patriots.
  10. [FONT=&quot]I also hope our "intelligence" experts take a page from the standard practice of employers (now made quite easy by the veritable cottage industry of online programs and services that can easily scan all such social media at one keystroke) to track job applicants and employees for inappropriate conduct.[/FONT]
  11. Take your point, but based on the Torygraph report he comes across to me as a petulant little git.
  12. Fixed that for you...
  13. Excellent add.
  14. Jesus, how in God's name was this Manning fellow ever allowed within a hundred miles of anything even remotely confidential? He comes across as a disgruntled, chippy 'activist' type more suited to student politics. Not that long ago he would have been regarded as a security risk purely on the basis of his...proclivities.

    I hope (yet doubt) that both he and that anaemic creep Assange realise that their self righteous stunt will almost certainly cost lives.