suspected walt alert

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lance_Bombardier, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. this member of staff at college claims to have been in the Artillery, which is all well and ggod.
    however he also claims to have workeded his way up from a gunner to a senior officer in charge of a 'nuclear warfare battery'.

    is/was there such a thing?
    or is he playing mr mitty?

    edited to add: im probably being paranoid, but $hit happens
  2. Hes not the walt YOU ARE ARENT YOU i believe him not you
  3. please do one.
  5. second thoughts could a mod please remove this thread?
    hindsight show a bit of a stupid mistake making it.
  6. If so, it was a lot of years ago!! The dropshorts used to have an Ever So Secret site at Sennelager (never appeared on any maps) though everyone new where it was :D

    Others from the Royal Regiment will advise you on any close and vigorous questioning techniques to establish Walt/not Walt.
  7. F.UCK OFF!
  8. it was stupid cos now we all know YOU ARE A WALT
  9. i am a walt?
    please explain how?
  10. ______________________________________________________
    Don't worry mate, its a rainy saturday afternoon(least it is here)...he's just put down his copy of 'Gone with the wind'(no pun intended) but probably true..taken drugs(thought they were supposed to mind expanding, lot of bollocks there then) and of off he's gone... :D
  11. well well well you are a walt mr bombadier even the other walts stick up for you mmmmmmm methinks it dont realy matter choose another silly name and start again
  12. Good point, you've already admitted you're a cadet.

    Stop feeding the trolls.
  13. id be careful before you accuse these guys of being walts, they do/ have done things that you could never have the courage or balls to do.

    no im not a walt, i dont pretend to be something im not.
  14. so your a cadet thats a trainee walt innit