Suspected Malicious Insider Threat Elimination (SMITE)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by REMFQuestions, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Full Official DARPA RFI HERE

    The SMITE program (seriously! :lol: ) is a new DARPA initiative to predict counter intelligence threats with a computer program.

    A large database filled with 'normal' human activity will be compared and contrasted with the behaviour of someone with access to sensitive information. If you are acting out of the ordinary then the 'E' in SMITE stands for elimination... :D

    I swear this is not an elaborate practical joke. :p

    I want a job working for shadowy Government Departments that just "think sh*t up". If it doesn't work - just shrug "Ah well, it was only a theory!" :D
  2. Would help if it was written in English. :)
  3. Basically it means this...

    1. Build a giant database
    2. Tell it what normal is
    3. Input your employees every move and action
    4. The computer decides if they are being shifty (IE spying)
    5. Eliminate.

    I think that is the key point, it all sounds a bit Minority Report :D
  4. Sadly someone somewhere is earning about 100k for that drivel.
  5. It's the future mate.

    Check out for a similar (but much more simple) idea. These website collects data from open Facebook / Twitter profiles and lets you know when their house is empty.

  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Suspicious Hostile Insider Threat Elimination I think.
  7. No I wouldn't, if it was it would become obvious to anyone reading it that it was complete bollox and the writer would not get his bonus.
  8. Getting paid to make shit up.

    Hang on a minute.......
  9. Sounds like the last Labour government!
  10. No doubt the head of any such organisation would be the Supreme Head of Intelligence Targeting?
  11. How about changing Malicious to read Hostile
  12. nice one lightning ;)

  13. Is this the same team who developed the Secret Police Undercover Nark Knowledgebase?
  14. No, this one was by the department responsible for the Secret Police Auxiliary Fact File.
  15. :oops: