"Suspected" Chemical Weapon use in Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. It means Syria has got oil reserves.
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  2. We'll be expected to knock up a dodgy dossier? The guy who authors it will be found dead?
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  3. Or an unstable regime is using anything in its arsenal to stay in power.

    However, we are talking about an intelligence report from a country that thinks a pipe bomb is a WMD.
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  4. No, it's the other thing America goes to war for.

    Their 'defense' industries need more profit.
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  5. Would Syria be MTP or desert Combat 95 country?

    If we speak nicely to the Iranians maybe they'd let us re deploy out kit from Helmad to Syria overland.
  6. Cynical Me thinks that the Yanks have egg all over their faces because two Dagestanis reamed their arses last week. To stop everybody else taking the piss US intelligence is almost definitely certain that maybe somebody used a WMD in Syria. Since last week's teenage terrorist has been charged with using a WMD, this means that somebody in Damascus threw a smoke grenade or used a tin of fly spray. In any case SEF will be deployed very shortly to secure the Syrian oil fields
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  7. Latest intelligence reports indicate several residents of Aleppo have a "bit of a cough" other reports speak of higher than average sales of Fishermans friends.
    Opposition fighters are getting their mums to knit private Pike scarves just in case.
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  8. It means someone in Syria has got a pressure cooker and can use it properly - not putting a fragmentation bomb inside it...
  9. One way or another this does not bode well................
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  10. Interesting. It would appear that the make-up department of 'casualty' could pursuade the US to invade a country.
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  11. CBRN instructors across the land are dusting off their lesson plans and getting all excited at the very thought :)
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  12. It's ok.... The RAF Regt is the ones who will save us from the CBRN scourge. Their job now.

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  13. Surely not suggesting that the US would do something like use a flimsy and possibly overcooked excuse in order to invade somewhere? That would just be crazy.

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  14. The diplomatic speak is interesting.
    Obama nailed his colours to the mast months ago, by putting chemical use as the 'red line' after which the USA would take unspecified actions.
    What you now have is various players in the US trying to keep this as grey as possible- 'Suspicion' 'Probability' but definitely NOT saying 'Conclusive'.
    That's not for the Syrian benefit-It's to delay the dreadful day when Obama has to make a decision one way or the other. -Support the regime that gases people (just like the demonic Saddam did) or the side now filling up with AQ wannabes. Decisions, decisions.
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