suspected booty walt

The profile picture, although small, appears to be a Royal Irish Regiment soldier who has just been awarded an MC at the palace. Certainly not a RM uniform. And given the decoration, it should not be too hard to find who the chap in the photo is... ;-)
yeah, I think they're grouping together in colonies of waltiness. (like a rather unimpressive 'man 'o war' xD)
he also said "GOD BLESS ALL HEROES AND THOSE WHO DIED IN MY GROUP"... yeah, right.
CMTinthemaking said:
... cause he's claiming to be an ex marine while racially abusing Gurkhas.
Oh well. I'm gonna lose sleep tonight over this one :roll:
I'd like to give a toss but I really can't.
CMTinthemaking said:
Fair enough, I was curious though. I'm not saying everyone should jump on an outrage bus or anything, just curious as to whether my suspisions were right.
I'd guess that you arer right, looking at the shite he's put on the page.
There's one sure way to find out if he's really a Royal Marine.

Simply ask him if he prefers tights or stockings.

If he says he prefers it when his missus wears stockings, then he is a walt.

If he says that he likes stockings but the suspender straps keep catching his b@llocks, then you will know he is a true son of the globe and laurel.

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