Suspect Packages Found On US-Bound Planes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Suspect Package Found On Plane In London, Plane Travelling From Yemen To Chicago | UK News | Sky News

    The first package was discovered on a United Parcel Service jet, which had stopped to refuel at East Midlands Airport in Derby while flying from Yemen to Chicago.

    It was apparently made from a converted ink toner cartridge, which contained white powder and had wires sticking out.

    The second was found on a plane in Dubai, which had also flown from Yemen and was on its way to the US.

    The American government is investigating whether the packages were a dry run for a mail bomb plot.

    US security sources said al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap) would be at the top of the list of suspects if terrorism links are confirmed.

    Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt said the UK package was found on the plane at about 3.30am this morning after a tip-off.

    “The package was checked and at some stage was given the all-clear because the plane was allowed to continue its flight to North America," he added.

    “For some reason this package was revisited and then concern grew again - so much so that for the last 12 hours or so this police operation has continued.

    “But this wasn’t a package that was addressed to anybody in the UK. It would’ve stayed on the plane and carried on with the rest of the cargo to North America."

    Two United Parcel Service planes were searched at Philadelphia airport. One of them had flown in from Paris

    Another UPS plane at Newark airport in New Jersey was searched and given the all clear.

    Two vehicles in New York City were also investigated, as well as a package outside a court in Portland, Maine.

    Terrorism expert Neil Livingstone told Fox News: “Clearly they probably had some intelligence that indicated there were going to be bombs placed on cargo planes and they’ve been able to mobilise very quickly to deal with likely flights.

    “The cargo hold has always been of great concern in cargo planes because we’ve never really got our arms around the security of those planes.”
  2. BA Chief criticises the 'kowtowing' to America over security measures at airports, and not two days later we have this. Coincidence?

  3. BA Chief's first thought - '****'
  4. The planes were on a re-fueling stop over from Yemen, so BA doesn't really have to answer anything, it was a tip off that had the aircraft searched.
  5. I was implying that the bomb(s) were/are plants, just to keep everyone on thier toes and stop wingeing about American led security measures at airports, but that's just the conspiracy nut in me talking....
  6. If you PM me a mailing address I will send you a Boston Red Sox hat covered with high quality foil. Not sure if you would want to wear the hat in Liverpool as there has been some controversy about the Red Sox there.

    Seriously, based on US news reports, two of the boxes contained toner cartridges containing PETN wired to a cell phone or parts thereof. The news reports here seem a bit confused though as they talked about how stable and safe to handle PETN is. I have never handles the stuff but briefings I have attended indicated that it is more sensitive than TNT, dynamite or ANFO.

    Lovely news to read as I fly to Florida Tuesday for a bit of vacation. Esp. as UPS has a big operation at the airport I am going to.

    Also interesting in the news here was the fact that Obama was all over the TV today talking about this and how we are on top of it. When the underpants bomber blew his b*lls of on the way to Detroit Obama did not say anything for 3 days. It could not have anything to do with the fact that elections are on Tuesday could it??? No, of course not, he has too much integrity to try to take political advantage of this.
  7. Gotta be honest. The BA chief is full of shit. I bet any plane he flies on has the full security treatment. He just wants to make more money for BA faster after the strike losses.
    As I said on another post on this subject:
    They can cavity search me with a belt sander so long as they catch that **** behind me in the queue wearing Nike "Plastique" exploding trainers.
  8. The BA chiefs decision was based on his lifelong career goal, the pursuit of ever more wealth. I wonder where the human cost of a plane being 9/11nd or blown up fits in on his profit and loss register. He needs to realise that as much as we would all like to, we no longer live in the Ealing studio b&w film era.
  9. Tin foil or not, the cynic in me did immediatley wonder of there was a connection....
  10. The end of your first sentence nearly choked me on my own coffee!!!!!

  11. Quite. WHAT a coincidence!
  12. BA Chief Talking Head was crapping on at a conference of the UK Airport Operators Association about the really more pointless aspects of airine passenger Security Theatre as well as considerable variations in policy. Even amongst UK airports there are variations in application and lash on European plus US requirements and it is a total mess amplified by some of the numpties who apply it.

    BAA agrees: "What we do in security in Heathrow and other airports is defined by the authorities and it's really one requirement laid on top of another. We could certainly do a better job for customers if we can rationalise them." Might also get a better outcome by being able to focus on what really matters.

    However here we have cargo operations, wholly different ball game.

    Also since when did synagogues in Chicago source their toner cartridges in Yemen?
  13. Well their prices are very reasonable.
    It's just the colour is wayy too pale!!
  14. Considering the security pantomime regulations are still in place it sort of highlights the fact that making people take off their shoes and abandon their lipsticks doesn't really help...

    Edit:- And can I further point out that the fact that a COBRA meeting to discuss the "crisis" (the fact that two letter bombs have been addressed to someone in the USA) lends further weight to the assertion that we need to catch ourselves on.