Susie Dent. Hot Or Not

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sweatysock, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Over the last week I have been sitting at home watching daytime tv. Starting in the morning with the Jeremy Kyle Show. How that man manages to get all britains villages to let their idiots go on the show, is a masterpiece in itself. Anyway the highlight of my day is when Countdown starts on Ch4. Long gone are the days when Richard Whitley graced our screens but Des Lhynam Does a good job replacing him. The highlight of the show for me is when Susie Dent The Word Sultress of dictionary corner appears. Now I have watched countdown over the years and have rareley had a tingle when Susie appeared. Lately that has changed to frequent toilet breaks.

    the question I ask is. Has Susie Dent got sex appeal or do I need to stop watching Fern Britton, Lorraine Kelly and the other daytime tv presenters, go out and get some decent Porn.

    All Answers on a postcard to: Help Susie get's me aroused
    PO BOX 101
  2. To be fair, she'd get it!! Though that being said by most of the blokes on this site is hardly a judge of standard is it! Lets face it, breathing and pulse can be an optional extra
  3. Shes a bag, But any hole is a goal!
  4. She'd look alright with me hanging out of her, but as already said, that aint much of a recommendation now is it?.............

    There are definatly better about on the telly - Kate Garraway springs to mind instantly or that bird on the news first thing on BBC 1....

    Mind you, you cant beat watching that kids programme Hi-5 if you want waking up in style.......... mmmmmmmm Kelly Hogart... mmmmmm.............
  5. You have to ask yourself can i imagine her hands around my little soldier? Her hands look a bit mumsy so i doubt if she's a filthy pole riding knob jockey to be honest.
  6. But her hands would be too small to give you the fisting you really want Harry! :twisted:

  7. I guess she could use the book 8O !
  8. Susie is a SCORCHER.
  9. One up the Bum, no harm done.
  10. I'd go nut deep!
  11. Doesn't do much for me,sitting there grinning like a retard,looks a bit high maintenance
  12. sweatysock, upon closer inspection, i think i'll rather shag your Avatar !
  13. Have a look on google - she was a right moose before fame!
  14. I'd chuck my mess over her grid.
  15. Susie Dent and Carol Vorderman in a celebrity minge jousting competition. I'd buy that for a dollar!