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  1. Hi Guys,

    As a medic of old, who used the A1 with iron site.

    Of late I`ve seen loads of pictures of `modern` medics with a SUSAT on their rifles, is this standard practice thse days?
  2. It is in Iraqistan. Everyone get's a SUSAT.
  3. Interesting, so back in Blighty its back to the dark ages of the iron site then. I assume all arms have a susat when they deploy these days then....even chefs?
  4. It is part of the Op Mounting Instruction that all troops deploy with SUSAT's, however as with all things "green" there is a shortage of them if your unit is not scaled for them - same old, same old!!

  5. Everything changes it all stays the same, as it where.

    Cheers guys for all your replies, to my thread. Its been very enlightening.