Susats on Ebay

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Don't see why not, seen one or two de-ac L85's and L86's on the web for sale that included SUSAT's. Guess they may need to be vented of the tritium gas before hand though? Don't know, so I guess unless this particular SUSAT is a stolen one it's legit?

    Given you can buy real and replica US and Canadian x4 scopes I dont see why the SUSAT would be banned in the UK.
  2. They will have been earmarked for disposal by DCSA and passed to DSA (Def Sales Agency) for local or centralised disposal. They will have sold them at auction. This chap will have picked a box, or a couple of them cheap. Hence the tritium expired notice.
  3. We were still buying the SUIT (Sight Unit Infantry Trilux) for the elephant gun in the eighties too. ;)

    From the seller on EBay;

    It suggests its a timex'd item flogged off by MoD a while ago. Its only a sight afterall. The MoD flogs tanks and fast jets to civvies so I should think this wouldnt be too under table.
  4. Fair comments all

    Just wondered
  5. Hmm perfect for my airsoft gun, then I can look like a real walt and go pretend im in the TA.
  6. this is illegal, report it .
    1. part of a firearm
    2. must be stolen, you can't buy military sights can you!
    3. radioactive articles through the post? BIG NO NO.


    if this guy is serving he should be given a serious re-educating for his stupidness

  7. Best you report these chaps too then;



    Even our official site mentions the disposal of GTLDs (gaseous tritium light device)- SUSAT.

    MoD, JSP392 (pdf format)

    As has been said, its only a sight. Civvies can buy mess tins which I would suggest, in the wrongs hands could be more dangerous than a sight.

    What do you base it being illegal on?

    The MoD 'de gasses' such items prior to disposal as the seller has mentioned. He should have the paper work to back it up.

    I can see your point ref it being part of a weapons system and EBays policy on such items.
  8. Can’t Imagine that it is an illegal sale. Looks more like a de-commissioned SUSAT that has been repainted (have you ever seen a SUSAT looking that new?)

    On your second point you can commercially buy many military and security forces sights particularly the high magnification type and sights from the former soviet bloc.
  9. i stand corrected,

    someone been on a RPS course then.

    exits left
  10. Anyone on here in touch with Bicester or Donny??? Can't be hard to find out where SUSAT # 094256 has come from/should be. (That is if the pic is gen.)

    If found to be 'borrowed' surely on of our RMP friends on here would like to get involved.

    Tritium; The GTLS rod on a SUSAT is easily removed with an Allen key, the offending tritium is sealed in glass and mounted in the rod. (There is no Tritium floating around freely in the SUSAT.) This is easily removed and disposed of. Using the correct back loading procedures.

    Hammer and extractor fan on full whack!!! :)

  11. And to lots of dodgy, despotic regimes too!
  12. 307

    307 War Hero

    who would want a SUSAT that isn't a proper SUSAT? 300 quid having a bloody bubble bath aren't they.
  13. They used to cost £610 basic price if you had to do the kit insurance thing. (Think they were the same price as a LSW!)

    The one on eBay is a pukka SUSAT, freshly unwrapped from it's workshop box, serial number visible on the plastic wrapper, just been refurbished. Yes they are available in civ street, but this ones def out the stores back doors!

    It also means that some poor git who's just signed for a load of kit from workshops is gonna be one short and will end up in the shit for it - hope not!