Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CC_TA, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Greetings Arrsers, I'm after some SA80 SUSAT rails to weld to the receiver cover of AKs.

    I’m currently scavenging off of U/S bodies and hunting through scrap bins in work but I could do with a shoite load to modify some AKs. If someone has access to custom made AK brackets, (Phone number/email address of supplier would be good – free sample would be gleaming!)

    Anyone at Donnington with a load of rails?

    Cheers in advance!
  2. Fcukin' hell mate, you starting a revolution?
  3. Stealing from American bodies is pretty poor form!
  4. How many do you want?
    I could run off some new ones to pattern if you like.
  5. I can't quite get my head round why you would want to mount a SUSAT on an AK... but from a technical point of view what you are proposing is a pretty poor idea. The AK top cover is a 'non precision' fit on to the receiver and any optic is going to rattle around and not hold a zero. I have seen people bend these or weld them up to obtain a tighter fit, but the results are seldom satisfactory.

    AKs have their own optical mount design - a precision receiver side plate with a locking lever, but this is generally only found on more modern AKs. You can retrofit these if you want, but to my knowledge they are only made to interface with Russian scopes or Picatinny rails.

    AKs are popular in the US, so there are about a gazillion different aftermarket optical mounts available over there. Some work off the Russian side plate, some mount on the gas block, some on the hammer pins, or provide an oversize top cover to stop the rattle. Or you can go the whole hog and get a quad rail. However, every one I have seen is in a Picatinny rail format. You can get hold of Picatinny to STANAG adapters for about $10, but you would probably find that this will stick the SUSAT up so high that you will be unable to get a cheek weld.

    Best of luck... or you could just stick with the iron sights!
  6. I could do with twenty to start with - How much would that be?

    It's not for use with a SUSAT, the other bits have the same adaptors.

    We would love to get hold of the 'proper' adaptors and some suitable rails or the such like but unfortunately we're in the middle of Ghanners, the budget isn't there - yet and we can't go on weapons related sites on the internet.

    The SUSAT rail has worked ok up til now - We'll hopefully be able to modify designs as soon as we get a better idea of how many we will finally need.

    Cheers for the ideas - mucho appreciated!
  7. You could just copy the ANP method....

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  8. Good to see that the ANP are getting "our" CWS's. We do like to give away the good toys don't we.
  9. Frenchie - that is quite impresive!
  10. Better off with something like this.
  11. Can't Rammy just knock something up out of some old brass????
  12. CC PM sent mate.
  13. NO NO NO!!!

    PLEASE, for the love of God - DON'T give him any ideas! :D
  14. I've seen the inside of that workshop!!!!! He must be able to make SOMETHING for you out of an old 105 shell and some link, surely.
  15. I'd love to reply but I can't see your message because of that fecking annoying Benenden advert.