SUSAT for Left Handed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Frangipano, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. I have been told that as a naturally left handed person (done all the pointing at object and closing eyes test) I am permitted to use a SUSAT for APWT. My PSI says "B*ll*cks"!

    Can someone deny/ confirm. If my advice is right, any chance of a chapter and verse reference?
  2. As far as I'm aware, unless your personal weapon has a SUSAT. You fire the APWT (OA&S), which means you use the Iron Sight. So I'll agree with your PSI.
  3. Bullshit

    Someone is feeding you a pack of lies, your PSI is correct
  4. I don't know the answer but can I suggest that if you need to shoot SA80 with Iron sights then you might as well practice with iron sights. Why not buy an air rifle with a similar iron sight arrangement and practice with that in your own time? Stick at it long enough and you'll get the hang of it.
  5. I have never heard of that one...we just give our left eye dominant guys (and girls) an eyepatch..that works wonders.
    How does a SUSAT help a left handed person anyway?
  6. If your firing left handed I'd be more worried about getting your nose broke by the cocking handle.
  7. You're a massive chopper for even thinking it!
  8. Look at the logic of it, where is this SUSAT going to come from?
  9. I shoot a lot (civvy) and it's a lot easier to use an optic sight from the "weak" shoulder with the weak eye than using iron sights cack handed.
  10. I forgot to mention, New directive. If you are left foot dominant, yow will attempt the BCFT in an Anti-Clockwise direction. Opposed to Right Foot dominant pax who will go in a Clockwise direction.

    It's true, a guy with a dog down the NAAFI told me.
  11. But eye dominance doesn't always follow which hand you w4nk with.

    If its a SUSAT you want, ask to carry the LSW as I believe they don't do them with iron sights. Could be wrong though.
  12. More to the point in this 'One Army' EVERYONE should be issued with a SUSAT sight anyway! Do the Iraq & Afghan Insurgents act differently when attacking the Support Arms?

    The concept of fobing of Support Arms with Iron Sights stinks of the of idea of REAR AREA of OPERATIONS and REMF's

    Where do all the extra SUSAT come from? Manufacture the damn things.
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or just transfer to the Infantry - then you'll get your very own SUSAT :)

    Nope, you do not get one - utter cack, just get used to it I'm afraid, like everyone else.
  14. Like all left handers in the army ta or reg you'll have to learn to fire right handed unless your a gpmg or minimi gunner. It takes time but you will get used to it.
    Alternatively get an empty toilet roll, stick a pin through the base and sellotape it to your iron sight. Hey presto instant susat!! You'll be the envy of your unit.