SUSAT covers


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Can't see the point, really. Either you're using the rifle, or its being stored or shipped - none of which require specialist covering, apart from the obvious. :?
Can't you just modify a sock to do the same?

Alternatively, get the rolls of wool and nitting needles out, nit your own! It'll keep you company for a few weeks at least!
Aren't the SUSAT covers used on ceremonial duties?

I am pretty sure that the are used at Remembrance Parades and on ceremonial duty at Buckingham Palace etc

Apart from that i have not seen them used.
I remeber they used them in our armoury for a while but then they disapeared .Have seen them used on ceremonials guess they might stop lugs catching on uniforms .How does it stop the sight fogging up? You have to take it off to look through it .
Had the SUSAT cover on an ex once, it serves no useful purpose except to make you faff around when you come to use the gat without realising its still on! So spent most of its time in my pocket serving useful purpose no2 - to give the Q man something to bill you for when you lose it! Haven't seen them around after that - although I suppose in sandstorms etc I can see the use in not getting your SUSATs glass pieces scratched to hell...

Cuts you may be joking but on ebay I saw a "snow cover" that I think was meant to cover the gat completely but could still fire through it if you needed to. Or maybe he just sent a white carrier bag off to whichever walt bid on it...
on the subject of ebay...why is someone buying a BFA??
no one ever counts them into the armoury so you could blag it if you lost yours and of what use is it to a civi other than as a candle stick holder

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