Susan Boyle (yes that one) singing "Cry Me A River"

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bugsy, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Remember how disparaging everybody was when she first showed up on "Blighty's Got Talent?

    To show that she didn't just hit lucky and manage to pull it off on the night, listen to her quite stunning version of this song she recorded for a charity CD in 1999. If you're not a particular fan of hers yet, I guarantee you will be after this:


  2. Damm.. Beaten to :) it
  3. But it was a close-run thing, wasn't it? :D :D :D

    Anyway, as long as this quite remarkable lady get the appreciation she so richly deserves, it's buck-fück who gets there first. Wouldn't you agree?

    So what did you think of her rendering of this old favourite, then, Adam?

  4. I don't watch TV - but I just watched the clip from Britain's Got Talent on YouTube, and she made my hairs stand on end - pretty remarkable women, with a great voice. I'm certainly looking forward to her first album.
  5. That wouldn't be "pubic", would it, Amazing_lobster? :D

  6. Hahaha, yeah - maybe I should look her up before her big win :D
  7. wow, that is a very moving version of the song, it's not just that she clearly can sing, its the way she sings the mood into the song as well - technically she's just naturally got it and I think this is better than the song she did last weekend. I hope she goes all the way and I hope they do a mini-makeover too so she is taken more seriously.

    I can't wait to see where she ends up.
  8. She has the voice of an angel but the snatch admin of an Afghan bread seller.

    The dirty Jock cnut.
  9. But the image of a Dinner lady virgin spinster who's cnut has only ever been violated by her great grandmas antique candlesticks.

    I'm with Geordie, I bet her bush looks like a badger thats been shot with a Hatton round
  10. Good call there, Tchick. I was also extremely impressed by her performance on "Blighty's Got Talent" and gave her a well-deserved ten, but when I heard this (recorded for a charity CD a decade earlier), I was simply blown away!

    This is a lady who really knows the cutting pain life sometimes throws up. I'd just love, and I mean love, to hear her, personal, version of Micky Hucknall's "Holding Back The Years".

  11. I used to watch Pop Idol, when Will Young won it ...... since then, I've lost interest in these sort of talent contest programmes.

    I'm only aware of the acts when they are posted on Arrse. I heard her performance of the Les Miserables song when it was posted on the 3RTR thread a few days ago. (I think that's even better than "Cry Me A River".) Women singers tend not to be my 'cup of tea', but Susan Boyle's voice gives me goose-bumps.

    I also saw this posted on the 3RTR thread:

    ... hilarious!!!
  12. I'd like to here her sing 'Ace of Spades' and get her in a cher get up like this one

  13. You can deduce all that from a song rendition? If I croon 'Baby Do Me One More Time' would you be able to tell I was anally raped from the age of 3?
  14. I too got goose bumps but only when I imagined myself going down on her spinster's minge and cracking it apart like a Gregg's cheese and onion pastie.
  15. I thought you'd forgotten that, after all you never wrote or called.