Susan Boyle fights back after intruder scare

16 year old boy released after counselling! Expected to make a reasonable recovery, all things considered.
Police said a 16-year-old boy was detained and questioned but has since been released without charge.

Bet his fucking hair is white now. :lol:
in the light of this crime, internet users are warned against an email scam, do not open any emails marked 'Susan Boyle - naked pictures' the offending emails contain pictures of Susan Boyle naked
The intruder was scared? Not suprised really.
Susan Boyle insists she is "fine" despite having disturbed an intruder at her home in West Lothian on Tuesday night.
Disturbed? I'm fecking disturbed over it and I'm hundreds of miles away from the incident. The lad must be traumatised.


I was going to post a joke about Boyle having a 16 year old locked up in her cellar as her only means of sexual gratification. It then occured to me that I have no doubt at all, that some idiot flatfoot somewhere has seriously considered the idea of investigating her for kidnapping/false imprisonment.

I really wouldn't put it past plod nowadays, unfortunately.
I'm outraged, why hasn't the PM commented on this, after all, there is nothing else happening in this country just now. First parade the bus :frustrated:
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