Susan Boyle fights back after intruder scare

Police said a 16-year-old boy was detained and questioned but has since been released without charge.

Bet his fucking hair is white now. :lol:


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MDN, was it you?

I bet you were wearing leather and cracking one out on her carpet, after having rubbed her shaved armpit/leg/flange hair all over your undercarriage.
in the light of this crime, internet users are warned against an email scam, do not open any emails marked 'Susan Boyle - naked pictures' the offending emails contain pictures of Susan Boyle naked


I was going to post a joke about Boyle having a 16 year old locked up in her cellar as her only means of sexual gratification. It then occured to me that I have no doubt at all, that some idiot flatfoot somewhere has seriously considered the idea of investigating her for kidnapping/false imprisonment.

I really wouldn't put it past plod nowadays, unfortunately.
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