Surviving WWI veteran taken ill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theoriginalphantom, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. from the BBC

  2. If he joined on his birthday in 1918 (end of September) then wouldn't he still have been in training when WW1 ended?
  3. He may have joined at 15 as a Boy Sailor/Junior Sailor. His service as that would not have counted towards his adult service which would have started at 18.
  4. Seconded.
  5. The local online rag says that he is 'comfortable and improving'.

    Although he didn't see active service during the war, he met the eligibility criteria for at least one of 'Pip, Squeak and Wilfred' - forget which one off the top of my head. Don't forget that the war officially lasted until the signature of the Versailles treaty in 1919. Anyway, given what he got up to between arriving on his first ship and leaving the RN, I don't think I'd quibble with the description of his having served his country in both wars.

    You can read a potted autobiography at

    (Edit: note the line "Now in my second century, I am having the time of my life". you get the sense that he's probably not quite ready to leave us yet and is probably working out how to escape from the hospital as I type...)
  6. Well it looks like the NHS couldn't finish him off

    from BBC online today;