Surviving Trafalger Jack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BlueDanubeWalt, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Sold for £384,000.00 ten times the estimated price...WOW...
  2. Any news on where it will be going?
  3. Report says that it went to a US phone bidder.
  4. Hope it was an Ex-Pat. :)
  5. Still a little tragic that it will (or at least appears to be) leaving the country.
    It is an imortant part of our heritage and I would have liked to see it stay at home.
  6. FCKING OUTRAGEOUS, that flag should have been made a national treasure to prevent some septic with fcuk all sense of British history getting his fat fingers on it.
  7. Surviving 'Trafalger Jack'

    Oh Dear... Spelling !!!!

    And any idea what day it is today?
  8. TRAFALGAR DAY, - THE greatest day in this country's Naval History - and that is SOME history.

    It is not thought appropriate, nor is it allowed by the 'munchkins' currently in government, to celebrate 'days' that may embarrass our erstwhile enemies.

    Our enemies at the Battle of Trafalgar were: France and Spain.

    One of them now takes all our fish and the other rules our every-day lives.

    That this day, TRAFALGAR DAY, is not recognised by this, or previous, governments, is a disgrace - an insult to our history!

    [align=center]GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.[/align]

    and a pox on all the unelected and unaccountable Eurofilth, and their running dogs in our government, who are hell bent on destroying us!
  9. Oh dearie..dearie me..another curled lip, sneering little 'Billy no mates' pedant who has never ever made a spelling've posted quite a few posts my 'little 'we lurve our queen' loyalist ..shall I trawl through your past posts...?? thought not, 'n' anyway I do have a life...Ohh...its wed. 21st. October crawl back into one of the peat bogs that dot the so called Emerald Isle....
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I agree with the first part of your rant - it should have stayed in the UK as part of our national military heritage but the second part is ridiculous. The buyer probably has a better sense of British history and naval heritage than most of the chav scum who now inhabit our land. He will almost certainly have a greater reverence for it than our current government.
  11. Umm what day is it, its Trafalgar Day, so can you see walty why he posted that??
  12. Well in my book it was the day the Chinese ocupied Tibet and the point is..??
  13. Dream on, more likely bought as a investment item, could have been a pair of the queens mothers skid marked knickers for all the buyer most likely cares.
  14. *occupied.
  15. Well done...another post on the count metre...meter or is it meter.. :? step nearer to your next medal..