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surviving the canadian wild,anyone care to chat?

violettecanada said:
:meditate: hi there,i live in the canadian wilderness and am looking to talk with any military men from the uk.is there anyone out there willing to take a chance?
So, that's Montreal, then?


If I was really clever, I would have written the French for "don't you agree..." or something similar!
Spanish_Dave said:
Bad_Crow said:
Spanish_Dave said:
I survived the sin bin in med hat several times, any good?
No man really survives the Sin Bin. You just come out with a working body. Your mind or genital health will never be the same again.
So thats why I went back year after year :numberone:
Yeah. I like to call it returning to the scene of the crime. I once sh@gged a 6ft 2 13 stone bird in there. Looked similar to your avatar. It was a bet that i wish i had never agreed to. I still wake up and cry at night.
These guys look like they live on Crown land...ie middle of f'kin nowhere!

just tip up and build a shack and hey presto......Mr G. Addams :rendeer:

she is a big girl tho' :headbang:
Spanish_Dave said:
I survived the sin bin in med hat several times, any good?
Me too S_D..
Was there in 94, MedMan3 attached to 38 Bty 40 Fld Regt.
Awesome time down Med Hat..Many drunken memories from Cheetahs and Teazers, Gas Lamp and of course the Sin Bin...
Drunk on Vodka Paralisers, and arm wrestleing the F.B.I.'s...Fcuking Big Indians off of the Plantations...Ah memories.
Oh yeah and i got bust too!... :pissedoff:

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