Survive to Fight

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BuckFelize, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Would anyone happen to have a vintage Edition 1 copy that they could scan the cover of, so I can wap it on the relevant ARRSEpedia page? If so, just jpeg it on this thread and I'll copy it over. Ta! :wink:
  2. Would that be "Army Code 71338" with D/DAT/13/33/18 in the corner?
  3. what is the current edition?
  4. I'll try and get up in the attic today ... I'm sure I have a box load of old stuff still up there!


    Edited to add: Theres one on Ebay:
  5. Come on you kit tart what do you want this for
  6. Think I have one at work - you mean the one with drawing on the cover of bloke in S6, Mk III tin pot & fixed bayonet SLR charging on cover?
    Not back in till next Tues, will bring it home & do the biz for you then. Expect a pm about Wed/Thu.
  7. Oh FCUK, spiders ... I forgot about that.

    Blow your Survive to Fight out your arrse BF!
  8. I have, in front of me right now, Survive to Fight D/DAT/13/33/18, complete in its plastic binder. The amendments page is blank and the Foreword is dated 1 June 1983.

    If you'd care to give instructions on how to upload, I'll scan any bits you want tonight.

    Or I could post it to you.

    I keep it handy so I can read through it and not forget the correct drills. ;)
  9. Basic Battle Skills is a better "on the throne" read though.
  10. Though not as good as "Your Health and You" - I liked that one 'cos it said I could drink beer (I was 17 when I got it).

  11. You are right, have forgotten how to do that and also how to eat an AB biscuit with a resperator on. So much lost knowledge ..... :lol:
  12. Just been rooting around the loft to try and find my old copy.
    No luck yet but I did find some vintage porn and some things that I should not have "in my possession Sir!"
  13. Against my better judgement I have been up in the attic. I went armed with a sword; not because of lurking spiders, but, because I haven't been up there for a while, I feared that some Albanians may have moved in.

    What a treat; I found a mortar, a couple of fuzes, a red sea flare, a 1979 RE Pocket Book, a NI Aide Memoire, my EOD and Search course notes, a Battlefield First Aid pam, a Battlefield Skills Pam and various other amounts of clutter. But no Survive to Fight. But I did find this rather amusing relic. Issue 3 5-82 "NBC Survival Task Book". This was the forerunner of STF:

  14. 2" or 81mm? Enquiring minds and all that. Come the revolution we may need a FB.
  15. Yes it's for real. Saw them in the display cases at Winterbourne Gunner when I did my course in 03.