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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by DieHard, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. while clearing out my shed I found this old book about NBC from the early 80s anyone remember it? Its all complete and my kids found the section on how to have a dump very amusing.
    They found it even funnier when I told them that sometimes you turn around to see the size of your dump only to find its not there but somewhere in your NBC trousers

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  2. The book is still called 'Survive to Fight' but has been updated, presumably!
  3. OK I'll ask...
    What is that long barrelled weapon he is holding in the photo?

    OOOhhh awaits excited replies.
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  4. I've got three of them somehow. One with the brown paper "wrapper" still round the pages. My kids were just like yours - task 17 has them in fits everytime. They did want to know why all the "soldiers mens" were dressed up as wombles though.
  5. the wombles were very popular in the 80's
  6. It's the big piece of shit he found in his strides.
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  7. Oh the joys of NBC training, especially with the S6 respirator!
  8. The SR6 may not have been brilliant, but in the late 70's I was attached to the Germans for a couple of weeks (think even crapper food than the cookhouse but really lax discipline), anyway on exercise and a gas attack comes in, as I’m not needed tried to bunk down in the trench, when I get told by my minder (someone who spoke enough English) that I had to go on sentry. As its not my turn I felt an element of stick the Brit on stag out of badness, when I challenged the decision it was because the German masks where even worse than the SR6, the eye lenses had misted up and they couldn’t see jack shit!

    Later after the attack was over I asked how they fired weapons in resi's, same as at night, point in general direction and hope for the best. They did get some cream to rub on the lens' but they said it only made your vision blurry and, being conscripts couldnt be bothered. Did have to use their issue weapon, not up to the SLR though - and quite predictably so.​
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I still have an NBC instr's manual, some CS pellets and an S10.

    One day I'll lock the Mrs in the crapper and see if she can mask up in 3........
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  10. Did anyone not look at the front cover and think AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
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  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    Here is something more for reminiscing about,

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  12. You do realise, that even with dementia induced "memory loss" you could get 18 months for the pellets alone!
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  13. Every year we bimbled about the 'Gas chamber', before it became a 'Respirator testing facility'(?) It was once mentioned that once tested in a CS enviroment, like a swimming test, one should not have to do another exposure.

    Nobody ever tried to push it, but was/is it true? Or more like the long term Tpr on an RSM's pension?

    Edited to add; I always wondered about the time and effort put into designing DPM combats, which you then covered with boring green noddy suits.
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