Survive To fight Edition 4

Please help...

I am aware that survive to fight Ed. 4 is full or errors and is only being issued @ phase 1 training camps.

Survive to fight Edition 5 is still a few months away...

This leaving a short fall in the issueing of survive to fight in TA units.

When we were mobilised for Op Telic, we were given a hand out of a "printed of CD" copy of survive to fight.

Does any one know which CD or other source it would be possible to get the edition 4 Version (or any other version) to use as a a short term measure until the new gucci versions comes out in a few months (years!) time?

Ask your PSI for the Electronic Battle Box.

I got mine from the Cell Controllers disk
Just been given Version 7 of the EBB CD set...

As yet cannot find it onthis edition either, though found soem interesting stuff...


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