Survive the outbreak

Fans of zombie films often like to wonder whether they could survive a zombie outbreak, indeed we've had a few discussions here on arrse.

Let's you find out if you can. It's like one of those books where you have to make decisions and it'll say turn to page 65 etc.

Enjoy. (I just died on the chapter entitled 'save her')
alwayssmiley said:
whats ur fave zombie movie nd scariest 1?
The one were you get your head smashed open and your brains eaten for writing in chav fucking text speak!!!
It's a fair bet the 'zombie outbreak' is already going on. Apart from the chav fcukwit above there's thousands of 'em bashing pans in every cookhouse. Extras from Sean of the Dead every one.
alwayssmiley said:
most ppl talk lyk this online,dnt hav 2 b chavs.
i have many fave zombie movies,whats ur fave horror movie?
we're not "most people" you f ucking cretin.

You only like zombie films because the lumbering drooling undead make you feel intelligent.

Get some vowels for your keyboard you annoying c unt.
alwayssmiley said:
i didnt say u were.
So no1s said wt their fave horror/zombie movie is.I hav loads.

You make my eyes hurt.

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