Survive for a week on belt kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. What would I need to carry in my belt kit to survive for a week? I don't need to worry about water as I will make sure I carry enough but what about food?
    'They' seem to be able to take enough for several weeks in belt kit and a side pouch but what is it 'they' take?
  2. Have you got pouches on your belt big enough to take a jerrycan or two?
  3. Special issue edible belt kit. Needs to be well cooked, though, and only hexi makes it work. None of this fancy "Jetboil" stuff.
  4. Terry Pratchett suggests Dwarf bread is the way to go:

    Dwarf bread is like hardtack, only more so. It will enable you to survive for days (by making you realise you are surrounded by things that look more edible) and never goes stale, possibly because it was always stale. Its primary use is as a weapon (although it is also used as a kind of currency), and it is made in many different types. These include boomerang biscuits, drop scones (a reference to real drop-scones) and close-combat crumpets. Reportedly the process of "forging" a loaf of dwarf bread includes gravel as part of the recipe, and kitty litter is apparently a preferred seasoning.

    Blatently stolen from Wikipedia
  5. 1 .45 automatic.
    2 boxes of ammunition.
    4 days' concentrated emergency rations.
    1 drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills.
    1 miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible.
    100 dollars in rubles.
    100 dollars in gold.
    9 packs of chewing gum.
    1 issue of prophylactics.
    3 lipsticks.
    3 pairs of nylon stockings

  6. Ahhh the "Ray Mears kit"
  7. Does anyone have any recipes using the above?

    And how much Russian and Bible could anyone possibly write on a miniature bottle of booze?
  8. You're kidding?
    Heres Ray checking his rations for a 7 dayer.


    The fat cnut!
  9. Biltong.

    Oh, and Kendal Mint Cake. And a bottle of rum.
  10. And where will you be operating?

    If operating at all- perhaps you are just going to walk across Scotland or something?
  11. Dr Strangelove, is it?????
  12. Yes, look you.
  13. Seven changes of underwear and a weeks rations in one.

  14. All you need to know is here courtesy of Mr Wiseman.
  15. I was talking to a chap (had SAS lapel badge :roll: ) about all things survival related, when he told me he had been issued...and wait for this one, "Dehydrated Water".

    I smiled and mentioned I had used special "compressed air" which meant I did not get out of breath when running as it meant more air in my lungs... :p

    Where can I buy his dehydrated water from? Ebay?