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My name is Lina Rosengren and im a Swedish journalist working for a tv production comapny called Titan television. We are making a series of documentary program and we are looking for preppers and survivalists who would like to talk about their "hobby" or "life-style" and show the viewers their preparations. We have contact with a swedish survivalist and we´ve understood that most survivalists want to be anonymous.

We would like to get in contact with survivalists/preppers with a deep interest in survivalism issues. We are also interested in people who have chosen to live in a special way due t their survivalist interest, someone who has built a shelter or bunker or someone who has moved to the country side to cultivate and live independently from society. If you know any person who would fit this description and who would like to know more about or program please let me know and I´ll be glad to answer any questions.

Kind Regards
Lina Rosengren

Do you think these "survivalists" living off the land, in the arrse end of nowhere, at one with nature, will have a laptop and internet connection?
Well, since I have internet connection in my summer house, on a remote Island outside Stockholm, I assume they do. We are not researching cave men but survivalists.
A chap called Tropper will be along shortly Lina. He'll be able to tell you about how he survived a plane crash in the Andes, how he eat the flight crew and flew back to civilization on a hang glider made out of their skin and bones.
And about the time he survived a bear attack in the Rocky mountains by wrestling a 1000lb grizzzly into submission. They then made him an honorary bear and crowned him king.
Do you think these "survivalists" living off the land, in the arrse end of nowhere, at one with nature, will have a laptop and internet connection?
Bear Grylls manages to provide power for cameras and find food for a film crew when he 'survives' so what could be so difficult about a piffling laptop and internet connection?
Hi Lina,

Why not come and visit me in my shack here in deepest Shropshire, it's a real shit hole, you'll love it!

Here's a picture of my ex-girlfreind relaxing in the comfortable lounge. See the contented look on her pretty face! Unfortunately we broke up......But she's still out here, in the woods, with me......Not far away....Never far away......



Book Reviewer
lots of preppers I suppose where a few weeks worth of food is in the cupboard but not on the US scale where they buy a years worth of dried food at a time and 20,000 rds of ammunition.

if this lot have an emergency crate of lager and a bag or peanuts then its classed as being prepared or possibly overkill as there is allways the grotty stuff in the back of the drinks cupboard :)


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My name is Wordsmith and I'm a journalist working for a TV company called Knob Television. We are making a documentary series about intuition and are looking for posters who've looked at the first post of this thread and thought "this is not going to end well".

If you read the first post and opened a bag of pop corn, please contact the above. We understand that most posters may not want to talk about their hobby or life style (and indeed are better kept from public view). We have made contact with several and we are still shuddering.

Kind Regards,


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