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Survivalist sex!

Are you a survivalist?

  • No, I only do fit birds.

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  • Yes, you dont look at the mantlepiece when you re poking the fire.

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I was having a chat with one of my friends the other day, when we got onto the subject of ugly women. Now he denies ever having slept with an ugly woman, though I can't see how anyone can be a gunner for ten years and not do a munter at least once.

I must admit I've never seen him with an ugly bird, but then again he's been married for most of the time I've known him, so I don't think that can be called proof.

Personally, I'm more of a survivalist. You remember them, those insane yanks who spent most of the eighties preparing for the apocalypse. The idea being that they would be prepared before the emergency and ensuing panic.

For me going after the uglies early in the evening saves all the last minute panic and possible disappointment. The only major drawback is the embarassment if someone you know sees you.

Even so I must admit that nothing I've done recently comes any lower on the scale than mildly embarassing, though I'm not sure if this is due to a raising of my embarassment threshhold, or if I'm going after a better class of munter nowadays.

So are there other survivalists out there?
Play it right you can crack an 'ugly early' round the back by the bins, return to the bar/oppos continue slurping and possibly pick up a quality bird at 0200 as you are the least desperate looking bloke in the place.



Kit Reviewer
crabby said:
msr said:
Bravo_Bravo said:
Go ugly early.
Or go ginger early, to prevent a rush :)

harsh. Or am I the only one to have gone through a redhead phase? (sober)...
Gwas are TWF !

Don't believe a word of that Porridge Wog matelot, the only red thing that turns him on is the puce, puckered balloon knot of a seventeen year old new AB fresh from a shore establishment.

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