Survival Tips whilst at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Paddypower, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. I have been lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to attend RMAS in May. Whilst I have spent the last two years as a TA soldier I have learnt many tricks that can reduce time required for personal admin, ways to reduce stress (i.e. two pairs socks reduce friction) and other time saving tricks such as having two wash kits, one for inspection and one for use. Now I have tried at every opportunity to pass what I have learnt to new joiners in the squadron as, at the end of the day, teamwork is the key to it all. Since I am about to embark on another chapter in the big green fighting machine I was rather hoping to gleam some tips for making life easier at RMAS from the troops here who have experienced it already. This would really benefit me and others who are in the same boat, making life that little bit easier which can make all the difference when its cold and wet.

    So if you do have any constructive tips and you are willing to share them then please do as I would certainly appreciate it and am sure many others would too.

  2. If you are female, sleep with your CSgt!!
  3. I think technically, you don't actually have to sleep with him.
  4. If you are female (or male) sleep with your Staff Sgt. 8O

    Certainly didn't do a few girls on my course any harm. Well, that was until it got into the Sun. Lt Lusty anyone.
  5. If you decide to go late night skinny-dipping in the lower lake, watch out for wasps nests in amongst the rhododendrons, as a head the size of a space-hopper will not go unnoticed! :oops:
  6. Which head? :oops:
  7. On a (slightly) more serious note:

    1. Buy the best ironing board and iron money can buy.
    2. Buy enough cleaning materials to keep the QE2 happy on a transatlantic voyage.
    3. Go with a very healthy and fully developed sense of humour.
    4. Be prepared to learn!

    You cant really go wrong in the first few months as you will be told exactly what to do, where to be and when to be there. As long as you can follow simple instructions (and cope on 13 mins sleep a week :D ) you will be fine.

    You are in it with a cracking bunch of people so just enjoy the experience.

    I know several Pl Comds there at the mo so PM me when you get there and I will dish the dirt if I can!! :D
  8. Thankfully, Venus was smiling on me that night, and my "moving parts" remained un-molested. :D
  9. Top tip - don't drink from the wishstream
  10. Two pairs of socks to reduce stress?
  11. Some hard won tips:

    1. Always take care of your own admin first. Let everyone else worry about their own stuff.

    2. Always go to bed as soon as your admin is done. If the rest of the lads are still doing block jobs, let them crack on. This will teach them a valuable lesson about time management - essential skill for an officer.

    3. Don't be afraid to shout at floppies when they feck up, which will be often. You're not a racist - just a realist - they are that shite.

    4. Don't ever laugh at your DS' jokes - it's a test designed to sniff out sycophants. You can only laugh along when you've earned the right.

    5. Exercise Long Drag is all about you. There is a special prize for the fastest cadet across the hills - do't be scared to leave your team and 'go for it'!

    6. Find out when your DS' birthdays are, and then surprise them on parade with expensive presents. This will demonstrate your ability to seek out and exploit information - another key officer skill.

    7. When you catch a CSgt shagging one of his female cadets on Exercise Terra Firma, don't keep it to yourself. Let a national newspaper know about it straight away. Your integrity will earn you many friends in the long run.

    8. If you are in a rush, and your kit is still minging from a session on Barossa, don't be scared to 'borrow' someone else's kit from the dryer. This shows initiative, and will teach the previous owner a valuable lesson about naming kit with indelible ink.

    9. Pushing for the sword is a bad thing. Just be really average all the way through. The Army is not about excellence at all. Be the best? Be dull.

    10. Don't keep your hard earned experience from OTC quiet. Tell everyone you can, so that when you are in a command task, everyone will automatically defer to you. This will make life a lot easier.

    I hope this helps - good luck! :D
  12. Be fit.

    Don't let the b*stards grind you down.

  13. Don't die.

    This will ensure survival whilst at Sandhurst.
  14. Is that to reduce friction from the wank sock? :wink:
  15. You can never have too many/much:-
    Pairs of socks
    Kleenex pocketpacks
    Fig rolls, "Tarzan bars", and tins of rice pudding.
    Zip-loc bags (for keeping stuff dry)

    Keep your fluids up
    Eat at every opportunity (even when you're too tired to be hungry)
    Sleep at every opportunity
    Leave the Harry Potter books at home, or better yet, burn them.

    There is a very large M&S/Tesco called "The Meadows" just outside the back gate, very handy for your Fig rolls, tins of Kiwi etc.