Survival situation.Ray Mears V Bear Grylls

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by warrior8234mkIIIA2, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. If these 2 found themselves in a 100% proper survival situation, who would win ? I know who my money is on.£50 on Mears please.
  2. Mears no way Jose, its ya man Bear he can do everything Mears can do on the survival side plus he's got special forces experience that Mears has'nt ...hands down winner Bears the man
  3. Bear Grylls every time- he can navigate you to the nearest 5* holiday resort in time for happy hour in short order.
  4. No way Mears, a lardy ginger with a touch of the gwar about him.

  5. If there's a Hilton nearby with a makeup artist with faux-dirt then Bear would pull it out the bag.
    Otherwise I'd have to go with Ray.
  6. Mears would win- he'd eat Grylls
  7. Mears would probably last longer though,you'd be eating pork crackling sandwiches for months.


    "Ahh Gwarr" :D
  8. Mears does have the "survival physique" which when all things are considered is what will carry you through.

    Neither are a patch on Les Hiddins or 'our Lofty'.
  9. forgot about lofty,£100 on him please ,after all he did write the original survival bible
  10. My money is on bear, I have seen him eat some nasty things. Mears seems to spend all his time making Canoes and stuff, probably expends more calories than the value, but then he does look a bit chunky. Maybe he stores up before he films the edpisodes
  11. Was'nt it called " Staying alive with Lofty Large" I used to be sat infront of the telly after school with me beans on toast waiting for him to come on...what a guy ...yep he if got involved it'd be

    1. Lofty Large
    2. Bear Grylls

    3. Ray fatty Mears

    No doubt abaout it
  12. Mears teaches on the 'them' course. It's Mears all the way
  13. yup, mears takes it for me too.
  14. Grylls needs a bigger knife
  15. If you did find yourself in trouble and having to survive, it'd be a whole lot more "luxurious" with Ray Mears there with you making the shelter and doing the cooking - it'd only be Bear if you didn't care what you ate!