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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TopCat1308, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. surviving in the outdoors with no more than a knife and a flint....ok everyones read the collins gem survival pocket book which of course makes everyone an expert!

    However, should one like a little certificate which say 'instructor' who may have a spare line on their c.v. where would they get such a qualification??

    i know trueways provide good courses with a pretty badge at the end but are there any other companies which will 'train to instruct' as it were.

    And no response sh8tty lectures about how it takes a lifetime of experience before you can fully regard yourself as knowing anything at all about surviving please thankyou :D
  2. Give Bob Spore a ring
  3. Knives are now banned. They are dangerous you no and are the only cause and driving factor behind people stabbing each other.

    And I think you are on to a loser with flints too. They can be pretty sharp too, and thrown through window.s

    There is no place for you in todays lairbour dystopia.
  4. haha, i was pulled over in the hills of dumbria last month a few questions later lead to the question what kit i was carrying and whether i have a anything i wasn't supposed to. He elaborated and proclaimed 'sharps'. i replied i don't do drugs, he quickly remarked you can't chop firewood with needles. Touche.

    Upon showing a nine inch combat bowie, (look up the law if not sure) he asked what i was doing with it, i said chopping wood. And in true parental fashion he replied 'as long as you go straight there and straight back!!'
    I made a big fire that weekend :D