Survival Documentaries + Movies! Bear Grylls etc

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by machie, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. I enjoy survival/adventure films and docs for some reason, crazy how you can adapt to survive when needed to. Here's a list of my best, share yours so I can take a look!!

    Man Vs. Wild
    I Shouldn't Be Alive < Amazing
    Ultimate Survivor
    Ray Mear's Extreme Surival
    Dual Survivor
    Alone In The Wild
    Dick Proenneke Alone In The Wilderness << check it out

    Into The Wild
    127 Hours (as its true, even thought its quite boring)

    cant think of anymore at the moment...
  2. Personally I prefer Man V Food on Dave channel.

    I'd rather wrestle a cuddly Ray Mears than a man who can eat 11lbs of food in one sitting.

    Incidentally, that's not too removed from Ray Mears - the fat cunt.
  3. Bush Tucker Man from the dawn of satellite tv in the UK. Les is a true legend (for an Army pilot).
    Into the Void for proper 'it's him or me' decision-making. Boardman and Tasker ended up doing their own climbing in the film as the actors weren't up to it.
  4. The bush tucker man is the daddy of survivalists. A proper old school self taught chap who went the extra mile to investigate bush food safety for the Australian Armed Forces.

    Les Hiddins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If it wasn't for his dreadful fashion sense I could really fall for him.

    George boots and shorts - whatever next!!
  5. Mmmmmm Bear Grylls
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  6. Dream on, Bear is not really into women although his "marriage" may convince non believers.

  7. do you mean touching the void? if so it is amazing, very inspirational. those guys went through some sh*t
  8. Me. Every time. Next question.
  9. Dream on I shall. Don't care what his preference is, he's still good eye candy for Nursey
  10. what you all think of bear grylls programme in the french foreign legion?? think that's the prog that started his tv career
  11. I liked 'Lost'... before it went wierd.

    Or Swiss Family Robinson.
  12. Hubby watches the programmes and I pretend I'm listening to survival tips just in case i parachute into the Amazon jungle on my lonesome. In fact (but don't let on) i couldn't tell you what tips he goes on about as I am too busy ogling. I met him in Windsor and just about managed to stop drooling.
  13. Oops. Touching the Void, of course. And 'me' of course. I have had that conversation a few times with a good climbing buddy over a few refreshing jars in the Clachaig Inn. He reassures me that it would be 'him', though. The selfish twat.
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  14. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    To keep the Grylls adulation going I can tell you he's also got a large wanger.

    Hasn't improved his intelligence or made him a decent chap but, hey if he looks nice....