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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by guido1, May 21, 2007.

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  1. i'm a civilian and just wondered if i could ask for your advice?
    been keen on the outdoors for years, especially Scottish winter climbing and rock climbing, and have long thought a survival course might be interesting - the challenge, and also learning how you could live off the land, etc. so contemplating a weekend survival course.
    but am slightly concerned that it might be full of strange Bravo Two Zero fans, or might be very tame (just frying sausages in the woods).
    just wondered if anyone here knows of a good, challenging and interesting course where you'd really learn a lot.
    suspect some of the best ones are run by ex-forces people, and so this bulletin board seemed a good place to ask. hope you won't mind my seeking your advice.

    This may be of intrest. Run by someone who learnt under Ray Mears. A few of different types of courses are run.
  3. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Was going to say exactly that, seem to remember WoodSmoke was actually set up by Mears? Anyway, it has a good rep. Keen to go on one myself if I can find the time.

    Welcome the forums guido!
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Ray Mears himself runs some very challenging looking courses and expeditions. I'd love to have the time to do one of them.

    Definitely avoid the supposedly 'military oriented' commercial survival courses: chances are they will be packed with Walter Mittys and Rambo wannabes.