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Once upon a time there was a fab shop on Euston Stn with a sister branch in the Lakes somewhere that sold excellet waltish and not so waltish out door gear (and you could by stuff "out of season" as well.

It seems to have closed and no amount of internet searching can find it.

Anyone know where these guys have gone or able to recomend me a simialr supplier (I have an african safari coming up)

Think they were actually called `Survival Aids`, did a cracking catalogue, big in the `80`s, you could try BCB international, they do a few similar things
In my younger days I did a couple of overland trips through Africa - the firm I went with recommended (or had a deal with) Safariquip. They were a bit more practical back then but you can definately get your "Out of Africa" look down pat with them these days.
old_bloke said:
What do you think you might need for your African Safari?

Are you self driving or paying some tw*t to be Rider Haggred?
The latter, what I actually want is a pair of combat like trousers and a combat like jacket that are not a) DPM b) going to make me look like a walt (in otherwords clothing that will blend in and won't fall apart if caught in thorns and bushes etc). Which is why I am not just going to pop down silvermans and buy a load of soldier 95.

Thanks for your posts.

One of my subbies left after 3yrs SSC, in late 1991, and with his beautiful girlfriend, set off in an ex-army Landrover for a jolly holiday travel ling in Africa. The rest of us went off to South Armagh.

One February morning in 1992, I picked up the Sun in the Int School mess at Ashford, because their smiling faces were all over the front page.

They had been ambushed, robbed and shot dead in Angola, by AK-47 toting ex-guerrillas turned 'highwaymen'.

There are certain survival aids you can't buy in any shop. Be very careful out there - it hasn't gotten any safer lately.. :(
Don't have latest info but custom used to be to get fitted out locally. That way you got the right kit with no chance of walting as the BWH would assist - he got a cut as well which put him a bit on-side.

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