Surveillance state or state under surveillance?

In many media articles and on multiple threads we hear of the ever intrusive surveillance state. On the other hand we have incidents such as the G20 protests, where surveillance on the state by the public highlighted alleged irregularities.

I'm not sure I like the idea that every mistake by a public servant raises a hue and cry, just as I don't like the law abiding majority being criminalised by enforcement of petty laws made easier by surveillance.

My question to the forum is who has more to fear from surveillance - the state or the public?


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We have a great deal more to fear than the state does. The state provides its own legal sanction to snoop and pry and delve into our private lives, and then can provide subsequent legal sanction to do bad things - as Hitler could have only dreamed of.

The state provides legal sanction for civilian council employees to covertly monitor, film, record and digitally snoop into our private lives for matters as simple as school applications, or rubbish bin contents.

If we stand outside the home of a council official we suspect of malfeasance in public office with a camera, or we photograph a bus, we can be arrested under the Anti Terrorism Act.

You do the maths.
Poor_Bloody_Infantry said:

Looking at this link, us I think.
Thats total bullocks, why should we be screened and monitored every step of our lives?? this is going too far now, does freedom acctually exist??? :evil:
My view on this is simple... for each piece of data they want to hold on us and "keep safe", the same data for every MP should be made public...

I.e. for everything they can know about us, we, the electorate SHOULD know the same about them.

I wonder how fast the commons would vote that scheme down.
The difference is that the State will use its full powers of coercion to uphold its right to surveille the population, whereas only those individuals with moral courage, a high degree of bolshieness or nothing really to lose will do the same back in the face of state-sanctioned harassment.

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