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The phrase 'out of the frying pan, into the fire' springs to mind. You sound desperate but do you seriously want to involve random blokes off the internet in something that at best sounds dodgy?

Christ, you might even get Werewolf!
Is this a "Walt" trap?
Knowing the OP, not all. Just another poor parent being driven to edge of distraction by some piece of detritus.
Then good luck with it Dave :)

being married to a teacher, I understand the need for "Discipline" in the community. alas no where near your location, otherwise, I would have volunteered
So chap comes into the Naafi bar and makes a request for a sort of British version of The A Team to come and survey his teenage daughter.

What could possibly go wrong?
Did anyone direct the OP to James Shortt's band of professionals?
Hi all, many of you know me and I am asking for help, my daughter has found herself in a shitty place and needs a bit of surveillance help, please dont reply with the normal crap, I am just looking to see if anyone can help as I am in between a rock and a hard place helping her. If you can help please just let me know, if you cant please respect the fact that I am asking for help.

1) Whatever it is, it sounds like a very bad idea. For what my advice is worth, take a deep breath and make sure you're thinking rationally before you escalate and/or draw yourself into a shitty situation.

2) The best place to go for surveillance is to a reputable Private Investigation firm. I'm afraid I can't make a recommendation as the few I'm aware of are nasty (verging on criminal) organisations, or walts. I'm sure someone on the site can point you in the right direction, but PI companies tend to be local so you'll need to post a location.

3) If you spill a bit more info, you might get some decent advice. Whatever it is, the failed abortions and reprobates that make up this site's membership are bound to have gotten themselves into worse at some point.

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