Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the portly one eyed Leader of a controversial political party was doing at Thurrock Services at 1500 hrs this afternoon ? He was wearing a plain dark grey/black suit and sporting a dapper tan.

    He was observed to emerge from a well known Burger Establishment looking annoyed that he had been served by a suspected immigrant, and was carrying a strange looking bag which was later found to contain a Whopper and Large Fries, with what appeared to be a Large Diet drink.

    He then got into what I assume was his official limousine, a 58 registered silver/grey Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta, driven by a lady who was equally large and wearing a multi coloured striped top with hood to emphasise his party's multi-cultural policies no doubt. However, he was careful not to show his face full on in case he was mobbed by his many fans. The third party in the car sported an equally dapper tan, had excessively large ears and was constantly salivating and displaying his tongue to passers by. I took this to be his close protection, but as I moved to walk behind the car, without drawing attention to myself, he lunged at me from inside the car - and barked !

    Was this perhaps a surveillance operation to spot how many illegal immigrants, asylum seekers or economic migrants were using the Service area to emerge from the freight lorries and coaches arriving from the Continent ? Or perhaps he was setting up a meeting with a former member of our Corps who may still have aspersions of a political future now that he is no longer a guest of Her Majesty ?

    Any Ideas
  2. I think you may need to narrow it down.
  3. Well he wasn't from Scotland and didn't bite his nails !
  4. So that's where he gets 'em from.
  5. Trust you had all your RIPA paperwork in order there Highlander? 8)
  6. Well you know me Piglet - it was carefully RIPAd up !
  7. Of Course, if the information gained was not in pursuance of a specific operation he would not have needed an authority! 8O

    Still, nice to know that the funds of his organisation don't stretch to anything grander than a Focus. I am quietly looking forward to him getting a mauling on the box tonight actually!

    Hope none of these terribly PC lefty politicians that he is to face start thinking of his feelings and pointing out that it would be terrible to humiliate him in public in our caring, modern society!

    Hmm, may have stumbled on something there! White, working class, yobs that terrorise a mother until she feels suicide is the only way out, and this Government suggests "family intervention" and listening! White, middle class yob that preaches hate and the Government swings into action to defeat this evil in society.

    Seems to me the Govt only takes action against the types of yob that threaten them! They don't give a feck about the other kind because they have never met them!

    Election day soon?
  8. Ah ...the old fatboy Burger and large Fry combo...with DIET fizz. Classic case of denial....
  9. I don't think he actually said that the Whoppercast never happened.
  10. Can't be the same Jocko who goes to the gym and gets back into the suit without a shower, surely not?