surround sound problems

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by syledis, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Just bought a surround sund system and i can make it work on its own with dvd player but when i switch it on when watching tv or ps3 there is no sound. Any ideas

    Toshiba tv
    Samsung 5.1'
    Grundug frees sat receiver
    2 x hdmi cables
    1 x optical cable
    1 x scart
    1 x rgb cables

    Help !!!
  2. My brother is having the same problem. Can watch blue ray on ps3 with suround sound but not when playing games.
  3. i cant figure out where i am going wrong with it. I asked in Comet but i would be better off asking the chuckle brothers for advice
  4. is the tv and ps3 going thru the dvd player?
  5. Had a smiliar problem myself just before Christmas, not entirely sure what your issue is but if i run you through what i did to sort my problem, maybe it might help you?

    Surround Sound (SS) system, plug optical cable from TV into SS. HDMI cable 1 from SS to TV both in socket 2. HDMI cable from PS3 to TV using socket 1.

    On PS3 go to sound settings and ensure that HDMI is selected, just select yes or auto for rest of settings. Ensure that video settings are also using HDMI and auto after that.

    The TV should then pick up the fact that you have inputs from HDMI 2 and 1 when you switch both PS3 and SS system on.

    You need to ensure you are using D-In (or equivalent) on the SS function settings otherwise it wont work!

    Hope that helps, took me a bit of time to sort out but it was well worth it!
  6. Curent set up is ;
    ps3 to tv is hdmi
    ps3 to ss is optical
    freesat box to tv is scart, ( no hdmi slot)
    ss to tv is HDMI

    i can watch movies ok through ss and its dvd player but thats it, cant get ss on tv or ps3.
  7. Run an digital optical audio cable to the receiver from the back of the ps3 and change the audio settings on the ps3 to let it know about the connection. Do not use analog stereo cable. It is incapable of carrying dolby digital sound tracks.

    Just remember you have to tell the PS3 what you're doing with the sound (optical) under settings-sound settings.
  8. Thanks all for the advice.
  9. got ps3 working now after changing settings, still getting sound from tv and surround sound system ,but getting there!!