Surrey Heath Borough Council: War Pensioners.

Recently, at an Executive Borough Council meeting,Surrey Heath Borough Council have dropped means testing for War/Widower Pensioners, on council benefits.

Surrey Heath Borough Council were the LAST Tory Council, to remove this caveat, concerning War Pensioners and Widows Pensioners claiming Council Benefits.

l would like to say a BIG thank you, to the British Legion and other Veterans that have taken Surrey Heath Borough Council to task, on this important issue.

Finally, to the Council itself, for recognising War/Widowers Pensioners plight.

Surrey Heath Borough Council use to mean test, after the first £80.00 of any War/Widower's Pension. Now that they are in the mist of dropping this Council Ruling - it now means that they will NOT means test any of your War/Widower's Pension; the ruling may be backdated to April 2007.

l believe that Surrey Heath Borough Council was the last Council in the UK, to remove this ruling. lf l am wrong, and it is affecting you, and your local council is still means testing your War/Widow's Pension, please let us know, so that we can put the pressure on - YOUR council.

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