Surrender of 2/3 mature life assurance policy - are these saleable these days?

One for the financial advisers/ gurus/ city folk here:

I have a with-profits life assurance policy thats been running for c.27 years (originally to cover the endowment on my first house purchase) and has another c.14 years to run until maturity in 2026.

Looking at the current surrender value vs. the guaranteed maturity value (inc bonuses), I can see that the increase is not going to be great, compared to current and likely inflation, and the fact that I'd use the current surrender value to pay off high-interest debts. Additionally, even taking the long term view, the prospects for investment performance look bleak.

Q1: Given the profile of my policy and market performance, is there likely to be a significant "hidden" bonus beyond the guaranteed amount - i.e. is there a significant risk of opportunity loss by surrendering these policies?

Q2: If I do decide to cash in, is there a market for selling these policies, as there used to be for endowment policies - or has that all evaporated with the poor performance of investments?

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