Surreal compliment generator

my first CG compliment;

Troglodyte kidneys measure your eyes in sardonic spasms not unlike the movements of an albatross buried in creosote.

All I can say is: HUH? ???


" I would beg to see your arms raised in calcification towards the expanding horizon as the minutemen stand before me with their phallic gums aimed and loaded.. "

Sounds like an MDN chat up line  ;) ;D
Your mucuous membranes glisten with the glow of forty-seven burning violins. ;D

Told that to one of my dimmest members of staff and she simply said

I should welcome flagellation by your ovoviviparous torso  :eek:
 followed by;
Your raw sensuality flusters me as the dog sneezes into the ventilation fan  :p
Cool or what? Definitely a top site  ;D
Your elbow patches rumble with a fear reminiscent of mayonnaise sidecars cradled in scotchguard.

oh they are going to love me at work tomorrow, I've memorised half the crap on that site
I got the one Lifesaver should have got first of all...then she'd have been happy......

"May you always have stables of horses to service your needs."
We can share Lippy mate!  ;)

I just had another go

The dimples of your breasts do pucker evocatively when you smile.

They DO NOT..............I just checked.  ;D


And mine ......    ;D

How beautiful is the snowshine in your eyes, so directly current from the static in your brain.


You are the swordfish that will never shower.

i got that one , mmmmm dunno what to make of that one  ;)
Thine right eye so plitherates that thine left eye doth graze uopn it.

I knew I had a squint when I was younger, but I didn't need the subtelty of my father to remind me.  :mad:
Ie got a magical salty potion I can fire in the other eye to even up that squint

You might have to give me a hand draining it from its pink stiff tube ;D
1...  I love your eyes, but only with ketchup.

2...  Many sausages have known things before you had time to react.

3...  Oh!, how you inflict me with wounds of paranoia and desire.

Lovely!!!  ::)
Just had another go........

The microfine network of eyes traversing your shoulders causes me to shudder in anticipation of the coming of the wondrous season of jaundiced eskimos and impotent Anglican priests.

Fantastic stuff.  ;D


At last got on the site.... ;D WELL funny

In caressing your follicles I am only vaguely reminded of the bitter harvest.  

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