Surprisingly brilliant video

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by floppyjocky, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. good voice for a 5 year old...
  2. I think I'm gonna call my dad right now...
  3. But not worth buying on account of being shite... :roll:
  4. Now, I certainly didn't expect everyone to like it. I was having a particularly hungover morning and feeling a bit melancholy. I don't know why but this cheered me up. It reminded me how I used to look up to my dad and how in my eyes (as a child) he was some kind of superhero and could do no wrong.

    Anyway, made me smile.
  5. Just a thought, could one of the important chaps/chapesses from the MOD/Admin fraternity shift this thread to the Film, Literature and Music forum

    Pretty please
  6. I think that is brilliant. What a song. ps floppyjocky st**!!
  7. Well, you heard it here first and start buying it because i managed to get 250/1 from ladbrokes 3 months ago on this being xmas number 1! it's released on the 12th dec. I really really want to be £25k richer come xmas day!!!!!
  8. I love it, discovered the video earlier today on TV, and the website associated is a good bit of Flash too. Child of the early 80's, had Zoids, transformers, crap teachers, bullies and the rest.
  9. This has been played by some trollop (Jo Wiley?) on radio one every day for the past couple of weeks, bloody good song though
  10. lol... was on the net fookin ages ago :)
  11. I love you dad. Winge Winge! Fcuk Off!!!
  12. I know discodan but 1 month ago (when i posted it) a lot of people weren't aware. Anyway, who cares, buy it and the new A4 is mine all mine!
  13. he he he ... just got 250-1 as well lol... put a tenner on it lol

    might as well....

    Bookies were like ... who?... they had to phone head office lol

    got a large mailing list here 50,000 person mailshot here going out on the 12th lol
  14. I wish the dam JCB's down my road could fly !
    Might get the bloo#y road repaired before christmas.

    I liked it by the way, am going to send it to my son. Hes Bruce Lee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!