Surprised this has'nt been mentioned

She looks loike a reet durty bitch...
From the pics it looks like the slut thought she was fooking awesome, bet she was a proper stuck up cow in the Army.
Bet you were proper stuck up your arrse by your RSM and squeeled like a stuck up private pig - TWAT

That's what happens when you allow mothers and pregnant bints to continue serving ^~
If she'd been ejected from the big brother house she may well have done this too.

Apparently she got out so she could spend more time with the wee one...
Think of all the rimming and gang-rugmunching she'll be getting up to in the showers...


"War hero"...?

Surely "War heroin" would be more apt.

It's political correctness gone mad I tell you.
How much longer before the Hon Kieth Vaz PC, MP, Wanker Grade 1 pokes his nose in???

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