Surprised no one has picked this up on the corps forum

I'm surprised that no one has picked up the fact that the latest female graduate from RMAS to be awarded the Sword of Honour, and the daughter of a very brave and distinguished officer, has been selected for the INTELLIGENCE CORPS.

I refer to the BFBS news bulletin posted under

(if you cannot access the URL - I suggest you Google Winner of Sword of Honour and follow the links) - Unfortunately it appears that the URL keeps defaulting to ARRSE.

Something, I think we can be very proud of.

Many Congratulations to her.


With a surname "Hunter-Choat" she was bound to win! Is she a relation to Brig Tony Hunter-Choat?
All - please don't reproduce potentially embarrassing photos from Facebook on here. her career has barely started, the last thing a promising young officer needs is somebody plastering such photos all over the Corps forum.

somebody has highlighted the persec angle to her. no need to make it worse by reproducing them in here, thank you.
My knickers have remained totally untwisted. Frankly there are much more important things to think about. But well done to her and I look forward to meeting her sometime and standing her a drink.
If she was not aware of of social media protocol, as a YO I do not think she can be held guilty. Rather the system is to blame.....and who amongst us looks whiter that white on Facebook?

I'm sad for her that Col Tony could not be there for her pass off, ANY Mum, Dad and Grandad etc would pleased as punch. He has doubtless had to buy a celebratory round in the bar at the FRV.

Am also proud for her, but doubt she will beat his record of serving in three countries armed forces and more than one set of wings IIRC. Her Dads Regimental association certainly are not slagging her off on their forum.

Such a Pity we seem to have such difficulty giving credit where due.

Who amongst us has never dropped a minor 80110ck in their first year of service?

I'm with CR on this one

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I think some of us, um, more aged Corps veterans haven't quite grasped the extent to which the Corps has become more public in recent years. It's almost as if it were part of the Army, dammit.
CR, I think you should maybe consider deleting much of the drivel from this thread. Not for any mis-guided belief that I think the Corps is special and secretive, nor for reasons of PERSEC. I just feel this girl will be under enough pressure when she takes command of her first section without her troops having knowledge of most of the content of this thread to hold against her. If I was to bet her Sgt Maj, I'd certainly wish this wasn't in the public domain. Congratulations to her by the way, it's yet another event which boosts the credentials of the Corps.

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Thank God, an outbreak of common sense on arrse - whatever next? And (as I've said elsewhere before realising she was one of us) - bloody well done her!

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