Surprise surprise..muslims take offence....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViolentBadger, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Linky to offended muslim

    So basicaly an unelected head of some muslims is offended that anti terror police and say the muslim suicide bombers are....wait for it...muslim and us non muslims are treating these peace loving muslim worse than the Nazi's treated Jews.

    Well I'm offended by islam but I won't commit acts of terrorism to show how offended I am.
  2. No point arresting the Pope for inciting hatred and urging others to kill those who insult Islam.
  3. :? explain or expand - brain is not computing what you mean :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
  4. If they don't like it i suppose they can always fuck right off.
  5. He's saying it's no use in blaming the Christian community for muslim atrocities.
  6. No but you'll post continuously about it in forums where you've been asked not to time and time again...

    Not because its offensive, but because the majority are sick and tired of reading it.

    Do us a favour mate
  7. Thanks for that, was a tad confused myself. Thought for a moment I was going to have to be offended by Catholics :D
  8. Thank you, four hours sleep was not helping my brain to provide meaning into what appeared to be random words.
  9. Bin the topic then or as you say the majority are sick and tired of this sort of topic posted by me it'll die a natural death and disappear off the front page.

    But no problem, point taken. 8)
  10. As you are all no doubt aware I am to put it mildly no fan of this Govt but I fail to see how it can combat radical Islamic terrorism without targetting radical Islamic groups. Words fail me when confronted by the sort of rubbish uttered by these self styled Islamic spokespersons.
  11. now theres a good idea :D
  12. Seconded! :D :D
  13. It's the same chappie and probably lifted by the BBC who is proposing recommending that we Adopt aspects of Islamic Culture.

    And my answer, although somewhat religionist*, is if you want aspects of the Islamic culture then fcuk off to a Islamic state and then try and adopt aspects of the western culture that you will miss.


    *Islam is a religion and not a race and I wish the press and MCGB would get this through their collective thick heads.
  14. Muslims seizing every opportunity to be publically and vocally offended will be a recurring theme over the next ten- twenty years or so.

    Indigenous indignation involving breakfast table rants, tabloid hyperbole and slightly paranoid theorising will be an inevitable consequence.

    A lot of Muslims are provocative fascistic ********* - but most aren't. The next generation will probably react and rebel against their parents generation and embrace different values.

    Meanwhile the debate goes round in circles.

    If there weren't any Islamongs to stir up trouble we'd be preoccupied by class hatred, or suspicion of Catholics or Irish or........

    It's saturday, I'm going for a walk along the beach, a late lunch and a couple of pints then a kip. I'll probably go to the cinema tonight.
    I won't be thinking about Muslims.....
  15. I did like this bit:-
    He's right of course, you'd have to be a very inept suicide bomber NOT to become a victim.

    But he does go on to try and explain by adding:-

    Which may be true to a point, but strange how, historically there are only a handful of wierdos in the western world who take out innocent members of the public when they choose to 'self destruct', and even then, they seem to do it at the school they were actually bullied at rather than in the name of their religion, or against totally unconnected people. Amongst the islamic peoples, it seems that oh so many have been bullied and most of them decide that it is everyone elses fault and the answer is to take out as many innocent, non-responsible, non-muslims as possible. Although I'm not too sure I should have added the 'non-muslim' bit at the end as that isn't always a consideration.

    Yet if we comment on it, it is us who are in the wrong because we are the cause of the problem, by not trusting a whole community that in many places remains insular, intollerant and stand-offish..... our fault then.