Surprise Surprise, GCSE results

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by foodie, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Once again at this time of year we are subjected to the impending news that GCSE's are getting easier.

    Are they?

    Who has actually taken these exams more than once? That is the only way you are going to establish this. Unless???? We take a group of kids and teach them the old and new way. Make them sit the exams twice and once and for all we will know!

    We all know that Girls are better at school as they don't have their hands permanently attached to their under carriage on the first hint of puberty or wondering what the Maths teacher looks like without her clothes on! Yet still its parraded that 5.7% get better grades.

    How long before the Govt spend millions on an independant review to figure all this out? Money which could be spent much better on other causes!

    Rant off.
  2. You're on a roll this morning. :twisted: Slow day at work?
  3. Why thank you!
  4. once again the press forget that O levels had norm referenced marking + grading and the exam boards decided if they were going to allow an increase in grades where the vast majority of current awards are criteria based marking with fixed grade boundaries
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    My boy just picked up 8 passes at C + today. He cannot complete a form in legible handwriting, and is unable to do basic arithmetic without a calculator.
    Some of the subjects he had a C in before the actual exam due to coursework.
    Don't know if the exam is easier, but the pressure and way of sitting them certainly is. If his coursework had been submitted to me, I would have returned it with the comment "fail - cannot read your handwriting".

    He is hoping to join the Air Farce next year (if they get any vacancies) - his mother did not want him to go in the military - so she got her way :D
  6. I've had to resit maths to meet the minimum educational standard for officer selection. Im 25 and have a first class degree from a decent university.

    In 2000 I got a D, this time I got a B. Then I had hours of maths lessons a week over a two-year sylabus, this time I taught myself from books and crammed the whole lot into about three months, working around my full-time job. The exam wasn't easy (far from it) but I didn't have any help or tuition.
  7. A couple of years back channel 4 did a series called "that'll teach 'em" where they took a group of straight A students and sent them back to a 1950's school environment, taught them everything as per the old curriculum, food, dress, the lot.

    At the end they sat the exam, horrific results, all agreed that the exam was harder then....

    Their faces were a picture when it was revealed that they hadn't sat a CSE at all but had in fact just taken (and failed) the 11+

    Point proven me thinks

  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Everyone knows you don't fail exams - you just get asked the wrong questions :roll: :wink:
  9. Unlike the Mob, at least an 80% pass mark was still 80% of the questions had to be answered correctly or it was a fail unlike the sliding scale variant whereby you take your highest marks attained and call that the 100% mark and everything falls out of that...twaddle and sheer stupidity. :roll:
  10. I don't remember that bit.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Isn't it the case now you get the taught to pass the exam i.e. only get taught specific parts of history which relate to the exam questions
    Therefore you can get good results but don't actually know much about the broader subject
  12. Having only just completed my first year of A-Level studies I can still easily remember my time studying for GCSE. They are getting alot easier, anybody who has ever done past-papers will tell you that. We are actually told in class now that if we get a B in a past mock we will most likely get an A in the exam due to the grade boundries not being decided until AFTER the results have been collected. This allows them to put the grade boundries down.

    However, the problem is not the fact that the results are going up but the fact that the pressure is going up. As more and more people realise that the exams are getting easier, they realise they can look for higher achieving students. For example I achieved 1 A*, 8 As and 2 Bs.... this was considered just over average. Many that got 2 As and 9 Bs (which I used to consider a decent result) were told they needed to resit the exam. This means that one bad exam - such as an E in one module while all other modules were As - can lead to being rejected by 6th Forms or other education establishments.

    The ease of the GCSE exam also comes with the additional issue of the link to A-Level. Although many on this site would argue that A-Level exams are getting easier aswell, they do not realise that A-Level is getting harder for people to pass as GCSE exams are no longer preparing people for the difficulties of Higher Education.

    I could sit here and moan about the education system all day but ironically enough I'm supposed to be doing A-Level work right now. I shall suggest however, that you take into account the difficulty that many GCSE students will face in the coming year and the fact that nothing is worse than to return from results collection to be informed that your exam is easier. Personally I think any talk in the media about this subject should be done either a week before or after the personal results are given the students.

    Anywho, thats just my opinion :D
  13. Boo di fricking hoo, I took mine back in 96/97, and they were a piece of urine back then. As a rule of thumb, the older the past paper the harder the test.
  14. I got my results this morning and was pleasently suprised. I have achieved 6 As, 2 Bs and a Distinction * (2 A*). I'm suprised due to the fact that rather foolishly I didn't bother to revise just really turned up and did them. Coursework does make life rather easy seeing as all my English Lit, Lang and Humanities were all A*s and DT was at A grade, with the course being 60% coursework 40% exam. On a DT mock I left the last two pages blank and still came out with an A, achieving 30/50.