Surprise sex,surprise report.

Its bollox really
They manage to sensationally announce on BBC radio this morning that over half of women think that rape victims should share the blame for them being raped.
The actual question that allowed the headline related to the woman sharing the blame if she had voluntarily got into bed with the man.
Thats a perfectly reasonable opinion, if the woman got into bed with the "rapist" then the bloke may have reasonable grounds for thinking she was up for it. Its a far cry from the attitude of women are to blame for being raped that is suggested by the headline.
So the headline is technically correct but deliberatley misleading.
13% admitted to haveing sex with someone who was too drunk to know what was happening.
Its good to know that I am not the only poor sod that some ugly fat Doris has got pissed for her own sexual gratification.
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