"Surprise sex" review has no surprises in it.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. She can take an F.
  2. How the hell am I to get my end away now, I'm far too cheap to pay for hookers.

    I suppose I could always just kill the hooker and get my money back, there you have it. Due to this new advice that I am no longer to bugger drunken women I am now having to resort to murder, that's progress for you.
  3. unless you are a woman of course, in which case it is all the fault of the bloke(s) involved.
  4. So for the blokes we get
    “Being drunk is voluntary and people who become drunk are responsible for their actions,”

    But for the guys going for the birds we get

    "Women who are drunk should not be regarded as "fair game" by men for sexual intercourse"

    Fcuking typical feminist propaganda, what if a bloke gets naaied stukend by a gang of rowdy bikers? Is that still OK?

    edit: should refresh page before posting :D
  5. Bit of a non-story I think: I don't believe any right-minded person would argue that if a man is drunk it should be a mitigating factor for rape, or that a drunk woman is fair game for rape.
  6. What a horrible comment to make in the NAAFI bar. If a woman has drunk so much alcohol that she is passed out on the floor unable to move she is clearly gagging for it.
  7. This is the naafi bar and expect plenty of surprise sex 'jokes'. I can't imagine anyone here would in all honesty say rape is ok under any circumstances (except in the usual Maddy jokes etc)
    When drunk, how does the bloke (hereafter assumed to be the rapist) get verifiable conset to sex from a drunk bird? (s'cuse me love, could you just sign this sex disclaimer, and pay attention to the 'crap shag' clause)
    How will the vicitm be able to prove she didn't give consent? Who decides that someone is too drunk to consent to sex? When out on the lash just how do you ask a bird to blow into the bag before blowing me?
    Yes, everyone should be able to go out, have a good time and get home unmolested, but if you get into a state where you can't look after yourself then you leave yourself open to some kind of abuse. Nobody blames a burgular for breaking into a house that is left unlocked. 'should have locked the house/killed the burgular etc'
    Leave your laptop/handbag/wallet in your unattended car and who is at fault?
    Basic precautions should be taken, don't get so hammered, stay with your mates etc. oh, and don't have drunken sex with strangers unless they threaten you with a hammer.
  8. 100 Pushups for posting a sensible and inteligent reply in the Naffi Bar! 8O :D
  9. This is bad news, especially as i've just stocked up on harry black, nylon rope and shiney new claw hammer.

    Edited for mong spelling
  10. Fuck off, I'm downgraded - but not excused rape oddly enough..
  11. Does this mean sober women have become fair game instead or what?

    Is it more politcally correct to stay back and wait to be chosen these days... :? 8)
  12. I ve been abused horribly by ugly women when i ve been pi$$ed.....so whats happened to this equality bollox then...FFS
  13. Damn. Attention to detail Oyibo: NAAFI Bar :x

    As atonement, may I reccommend the term 'victim precipitated rape' when discussing the subject with those of a more feminist persuasion (Amir:1971). Damn :x There I go again trying to be sensible in the NAAFI :x
  14. if they are unconscious but lubed up is it alright